DISCLAIMER: I am not hitting at any particular fandom, just pointing out examples to get my point across.

The word fan was derived from the word fanatic which finds its origins in the Latin word fanaticus, meaning “insanely but divinely inspired.”

Fandoms can relate to a particular person or an interest or a genre in general and are formed by a group of such people who share this common interest. Fandoms indulge in creating fanfics, fanvids, fan conventions and what not.

They play a big role in increasing the marketing value and they are important tools for advertisement and publicity in the market.

The phenomenon is real, from Cumberbitches to Potterheads, and from crazy cricket fanatics to Bhai fans.

All things sweet and nice, only till fandoms become really crazy and weird AF.

Ever heard of the term passion? Then always remember, when gone out of hand it might land you in crazy-land where you lose the ability to reflect and see that what you’re up to might not even be worth it.


Fandoms for individual stars are famous for giving death threats then and now to anyone who messes with their idol or even gets too close.

Remember when ‘Bhai’ fans sent death threats to Sona Mohapatra for speaking against him?

And as for fans of fiction and fantasy, everyone knows how a Potter-head would behave if someone didn’t know what 93/4 meant or how a GOT fan would probably really kill someone who lets out a spoiler.

And how Marvel and DC fandoms fight and would perhaps run to finish each other. That would be greater than the battle of Bastards if it happens for real though.

And since this global phenomenon has hit India with a wave, we all know how crazy people here are over cricket and how crazy Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan fans went when they had their publicized ‘apparent’ fight.

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Is it worth it?

NO! Sending death threats, or disregarding people for not liking your subculture or even hating them for not knowing every detail of it, is very, very stupid.

And since you’re reading this article I am hoping you’re looking for alternatives.

Here are 5 far more productive things you can do instead of being a part of a fierce fandom.

1. Widen your Horizon

When you’re a part of a fierce and extremely dedicated (read: crazy) fandom, and note, not just a fandom but a very fierce one, you lose out on various other interests and genres.

Widen your horizon, stop listening to ‘Love Story’ on repeat, I know you love it, but hey dude, there are a million songs out there, there are other extremely talented musicians too.

Similarly ‘Friends’ fans it’s 2018, get over it, watch something new.

*Hate comments dropping in 1..2..3..*

2.  Get up and clean the mess you’re living in.

Get up, clean your room, your next update on your Instagram fan page can wait, your 76th fanfic can wait.

It’s okay if you didn’t catch up with the new Keeping up with the Kardashian episode. (And if you figure out, do tell me why are they so famous)

3. Go out, PLAY

You could waste your time playing PUBG for hours every day or regretting the HIMYM finale or watching all Marvel movies before Infinity War drops in and, well, strain your eyes.


You could go out, engage in some physical activity, take some fresh air and feel useful.

4. Learn something new

Time to actually get up and go out and learn something you’ve been wanting to. It will consume your time productively and keep your minds off of who said what to your favorite celebrity and what is up in their lives.

Because who cares, ‘ki Gangadhar hi Shaktiman hai’!

5. Lastly, go study

And lastly, since I am very, very aware of the audience I am hitting at.

Saying this much is enough.


Because ‘bhai ki Being Human won’t pay you’ 

Design Credits: Rishabh Patel

Sources: Wikipedia, The Quint, Firstpost

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  1. Thank you for this I am deep into a fandom but haven’t yet completely lost myself to it . Managed to keep a healthy balance between the artist I admire and others . And also my life. But I do know some people are in too deep.


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