The much-awaited RACE 3 official trailer was released yesterday and the whole of India is going gaga over it.

It’s starring shirtless Salman Khan, shirtless Bobby Deol, Anil Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez. The Bhai fans can’t wait for the movie which is releasing on Eid, June 15th, while the other (sensible) clan cannot get over the ridiculousness of the trailer.

Here is a no-nonsense review of the trailer, which is highly relatable and apt if you are not blinded by the love for Salman Khan. But before starting the review, first feast yourself on this beauty of a trailer once:

Yeh race zindagi ki race hai, kisi ki zindagi lekar hee khatam hogi.”

This dialogue is what I liked about the trailer the most because just like the entire trailer, it just doesn’t make any sense.


The whole movie is led by a bunch of 50-odd-year-olds, trying to spice up their almost retired lives with a little action. Bobby Deol even took a step ahead and hit the gym at 52.

In the past, everyone’s come across a lot of Hollywood blockbusters being re-attempted by Bollywood. RACE 3, however, with poor old Salman Khan trying to pull off Vin Diesel’s character from The Fast and Furious – and not being able to handle the energy requirement – and just looking tired/bored the entire time – it ought to be the funniest.

Bhai Jaan, you’ve added a lot of spice and action in your life records already. Ab is budhaape me ye sab accha lagta hai kya?


Looks like the actress wants to be associated with “weird Hindi” memes more than anything and has a great passion for what she’s been doing in every movie till now, and RACE 3 as well.

You guessed it right, it’s not “acting, it’s erotic dancing”. This lady’s fine moves are what you should go to watch an action film for! Way to go, Fernandez!

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Some scenes are definitely lit – like the one where Saqib Saleem (character- Suraj) realises that he doesn’t need his hands to drive the car, and rather uses his hands to fire from both ends of the car and perfectly fires at the passengers in the other cars, while he himself is looking in the front. Great action, dude.

Salman Khan with missiles

Towards the end of the scene, Salman Khan ACTUALLY FIRES MISSILES AIMED PERFECTLY AT MOVING CARS, defying physics and my last drop of hope in the movie.


Gusse me liya hua decision hamesha nuksaan pohochata hai. Isliye ab pehle maine decision liya, and now I’m getting angry, very angry.”

What’s the difference between taking a decision while angry and taking a decision and then getting VERY angry? This movie will teach you.

Taking a decision while you’re angry is wrong, so you should take the decision and then get VERY angry.

Mind = blown.

The excessive number of useless characters and the overuse of the word “Family” makes the entire cast look like a version of the “Hum Saath Saath hain”.

“My business is my business, it’s none of your business

(I am crying)

Maybe they intended a pun here, but nope guys, you failed ridiculously.

Though the entire script has surpassed all logic and science, the movie will still break all blockbuster records in Bollywood. Well, that’s India for you.

Well, the number of memes and jokes that only the trailer has flooded the internet with, surely makes me wait for the release of the movie to see the buzz then.

Till then happy watching MSG! :D

Sources: Hindustan Times,, NDTV 

Image Sources: Google Images



  1. MSG series movies r made to fill many fold purposes i.e. to donate money, to motivate the youth to give up bad habbits, to remove vulgarity, to show women empowerment, to present lyrics with ‘single meaning’ and so on. Those who themselves cannot do anythg can criticize any one in the world. just one ques for them…wt have they done best in their lives? if they r so trained in viewing a movie then surely they should become director or actor so that bollywood may get “all hit films”.

  2. The income through MSG movies were donated for establishing a Skin bank and DNA research lab. All the series of MSG movies were tireless effort to bring a social reform. Be it is bringing out the idea of turning a loathing village into self supporting & sustaining advanced village Or be it is awaring about I’ll effects of alcohol and much more social messages. And movies have all the necessary element to entertain the audience. and this movies remain successful in all its purposes. I must say author really has a bad taste so he is not able to find anything gd in movies which are the dire need of nation.

    • MSG series of movie changed lives of millions. People moved on to virtuous path leaving their vices behind.
      Can any other movie do so?
      Of course not, all these movies r just for entertainment but the movie which teaches moral values and Indian culture is neglected by some of youth because they have even watched the movie yet commented on it. Firstly watch and then decide, you’ll surely get your answers.
      Or go to those families whose homes were full of smell due to intoxication habits of family members but because of MSG movie those houses became home and now smell of hardwork can be felt there. Only those can understand who have guts to hear the truth, not those who just want to comment after listening and believing fake media news.

  3. MSG series of movie are made to bring social reform.
    The income through MSG movies were donated for establishing Skin Bank and DNA research lab. These movies are free from vulgarity and cheap dialogues, a family movies. These movies has made people aware about bad effects of alcohol and other intoxicants.
    MSG movies has learnt people how to serve humanity selflessly. Before writing anything wrong, the writer must watch MSG movies then he/she should write.


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