By Riddhi Tyagi

When people come up to me for life advices, but are actually bad listeners.

‘Someday you’ll go far…and I hope you stay there.’

There are, you know people, who are ungenerously loud.

‘How do you manage to be in your own company for so long?’

People who cry about being single, and that it makes them feel incomplete.

‘Dude, ever thought of a gel pen which lost its cap? Did ya, little miss sunshine?’

Seriously dude, I’m not even being sarcastic, I just practically hate everyone.

The reason they call it a small world is maybe because I keep running into the people I hate. Like, seriously, I am one of those people who judge and criticises very easily. And I am sure there are many like me out there. So how does it feel being a criticising, opinionated, judgmental person? (Read: pados wali aunty).

It’s like I have started to hate them by default. My reaction to almost everything is bland. Nothing really delights or saddens me. And I know the sooner this habit will go away, the happier will be the people around me. For, who wants eye-rolling and making faces as reactions? Here’s a note to my future self-asking if I have continued to be the same or nonetheless reminding her to change.

Hey future me, (10 years down the line),

Hey future me, (10 years down the line)

I may fall short on experience; also, you might know me better than I know myself. I believe that’s what age does to you.

Hey, did you land up a job? Did you do well in the interview? Because back then I was very worried if you would behave like Chandler in an interview and chances were you’d end up being more than that, given what a typical Virgo you are and that you’d be chucked out of it soon. But I believe you’ve got one. So; stay calm, it’s okay if your boss asks you, whether you are coming tomorrow even if your leave is sanctioned. Don’t say, “Nah I am playing a prank, you fool.”

I remember being a critical prig back then, but no, hey, wait, I wasn’t really a snob. I was lively, funny, a good friend if not great. But I was hypercritical.

Do you still have signs of being what you were 10 years before?

Do you still give death stares, to people you seem to not like? Do you still get pissed off by people for calling you a lot? And, above all else, do you still get excited when plans are cancelled? Because I did. Ignorance is bliss and solitude is freedom. I’d rather be in a meaningful silence than amongst some spoken meaningless words.

Our kind of people judge easily and get judged even more easily. For actually being myself, I used to get comments like Why so hateful dude? What in the world would rather make you happy? Why be so sarcastic that would actually hurt someone?

And I did realize that you never know when you make the transition from being plain ironic to being hateful of others and end up getting others hurt.

The life of a critical person is not easy. Rather to say it is tormenting.

For a first, you struggle to speak, you can’t live without commenting and it always lands you in trouble.

You tend to be anti-social, because you can’t tolerate people dropping some big words in conversations just to show that they are insightful and smart.

Even if you like someone and want to be in their company, it’d always be people who hate everyone too. And you become the haters of the world communally.

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Sometimes you go overboard and over dramatic. People can literally sense the hateful vibes from you being around them.

Your friends get so used to your gestures and constant eye rolling that they don’t even bother much to tell you when you go wrong.

The biggest setback is, it soon becomes your habit and you’re then struggling to get out of the self-created bog.

Sometimes I think to myself if I am the one who is crazy or am I surrounded by idiots? But who gets to be the judge?

Huh, life is tough.

Oh, and by the way have you married yet? If you have, then I can’t even imagine two hateful people against the world, because I know the kind of person you’ll settle.

And never be sardonic with kids, they will hate you back, if you haven’t sensed it enough till now, how your kids will be. Wait, what? You have kids? Oh god, how many? I have always wondered if I’d like a tennis doubles or a football team. Nevertheless, I believe you have learnt it; life is not always about returning what you get.

Yours truly,
What I am now
10 years younger (jealous much?)

If you’re like me too, go write one for yourself, ASAP!

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