People from small towns, often move to metro cities in search of better opportunities be it in studies or employment. But moving to another city that too a metro city is not so easy and for many people hailing from small towns, is almost like a cultural shock.

Having various friends from small towns, I’ve often come across stories of them moving to metro cities and what all they go through.

But while they would talk about general things, like the number of people, cultural differences and more in a metro city, one thing that intrigued me was whether they had faced any complexes or prejudices from the people in these metros.

And the answers I got not just from my friends, but online too, were certainly interesting:

Finding A House For Bachelors Is A Nightmare

A friend on WhatsApp told me how some of her friends who came to Pune to study engineering had a hard time finding a place to live. Bachelors, especially guys, were not seen as trustworthy and so found it difficult in getting a place on rent.

She did recount that girls had little problem in this area and did not have an issue in finding a house. However, she did add in a word of caution to get a place on rent if the owner promises to get an agreement immediately.

She said that, “A lot of people here deny to get it – if you get it you’ll be safe in a way by means of law. Try to get a place with 2-3 girls. Alone you need a trustworthy neighbourhood and landlords to rely on.”

Feeling Of Alienation

This has been repeated not just by a few of my friends, but many people online that metro city people are not as close as those in small towns.

This is quite a big difference for those who come from the latter area to get used to the cold and distant ways of metros.

A friend from a small town in Northern India said that they felt like outsiders in a metro city, where people stereotyped them and they did not feel welcome, especially without any support system. Something they never felt was prevalent in small towns since everyone lived in closer proximity and knew each other well.

However, there are also those who like the fact that metro city people allow people them their space, something that cannot happen in small towns where everyone is known to one another and has their nose in other people’s businesses.

This Quora user, Arpitha Kunjur, who moved from Mangalore to Bangalore said that,

The tons of people you get to interact with teach that it does not matter what language you speak or where you are from, at the core, we are all the same. Well, mostly!

I love how no one is nosy, how people can be themselves. The judgements certainly much lesser.

The constant pouring in of people everyday to B’lore has taught me how to be accommodating.

Hiding Their Real Identity

While researching for this piece, I came across this Quora answer by Sindhuja Raghunathan who said that,

I was born and brought up in Chennai. I had the chance of studying with some girls from small towns and did see all of this.

1. They try to fit into the crowd right from the way they talk and dress.

2. Most of them think that city bred girls are snobs and they are very scared to approach them.

3. The sudden mingling of guys intimidates them.

4.  Really hard for them to digest certain open minded thoughts about relationship and other things.

5. Language. Some of them would have studied in regional language due to which they wouldn’t be fluent in English but believe me by the time you end college their English will be far better than yours and they would have got better GRE scores than you


This actually reminded me of my own friend who hails from the North-East, who a few days back told me how she changes her name when interacting with people here in Delhi.

The reason for this she said was because people would never get her name right and always changed it without understanding what her name really is.

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The Fast Paced Life Can Get Overwhelming

No one can deny that metro or big cities are extremely fast paced and competitive, with everyone going for the next big thing.

This can be a big change for those coming from small towns who are used to a more relaxed lifestyle with lesser traffic, vehicles. The feeling of loneliness is also said to not be present in small towns and can be a big help, especially during emergencies.

However, it’s not always like small-town people prefer the quaint and relaxed lifestyle of their towns. A Quora writer spoke about how sometimes, people coming from small towns prefer the metro cities just because of better employment opportunities.

Mahesh Gaddam wrote,

In villages they don’t get an employment with right wages. In villages daily wages are very low example 150rs to 250 only in urban they get minimum daily wage 400rs to 1000.and they are in shops they will get only 3000, 3500,4000, 5000etc. salaries only of they want survive with entire family they need at least 10,000 rupees per month.
In urban and metro cites they earn twice and thrice that the amount they earned in rural. In village one couple husband earn 250rs and wife earn 150rs both 400rs. As a salary holder husband get 5000 per month. wife 2500.
In urban area husband 10,000 and wife 8000rs total 18,000 rupees earn. They didn’t survive with that little amount.
In urban area they can earn with little businesses like small tea vendors tiffin centre’s I saw many people they earn great amount with that they should buy a land and house in their villages and also they could give a better education in urban areas than rural. Parents want to give a better life to their children.
Now coming to your another doubt if they return to their own village they can’t survive with that little amount again. Their lifestyle changed and their children studies better education than rural.
I will give one small example if someone used small 2g Samsung 1200rs basic mobile after if he buy a smartphone then after he should not to use that normal Samsung basic 2g mobile. Just imagine ur self.
That’s the difference between the Rural and urban life. I’m from village my village 70km from Hyderabad many of our villagers are daily went to Hyderabad for their jobs morning 7 o’clock they catch a train that train reaches Secunderabad at 9 o’clock they reach their office at 9.30 or 9.45am then they again return at 6.30pm at railway station and they catch 6.40 pm train.
If you they want to settle in village they can’t earn that much amount.

A few other people on Twitter also recounted moving from a small town to a metro city:

So, what do you think? Do you think small town people need to get a complex from the metro crowds? Do share your own stories if you are coming from a small town or village in the comments below and whether you feel this is right or not.

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