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Dictatorship in Disguise!!


The dynamic lives of Indians have always epitomized the vibrant character of the rainbow, divided as the beautiful spectrum of culture, united as the white light. If one colour goes amiss, the blissful rainbow ceases to exist.

A wide array of political events has been unfolding ever since the new government has acquired power. Beyond the vigorous ‘Make in India’, the roaring speeches and not to forget the Magellan like PM Narendra Modi, there’s a dire need to magnify the twists and turns in social structure, the gradual pace at which unnoticed harm is being done and the slow poison that may raze the idea of peace and harmony. The spirit of democracy seems to be minutely degrading, paving way for a disguised dictatorship



The current government influenced by its old and loyal aide, RSS seems to have absorbed the idea of Hindu Rashtra quite seriously. The diverse richness of our country is being sacrificed at the expense of political gains and self centered desires.

I see a sombre future when our minister of external affairs pronounces that Bhagwad Gita should be made our national scripture, when minority communities are attacked with ridiculously distorted concepts like ‘Love-Jihad’ and ‘Ghar Wapasi’. When hate speeches stain the minds with hatred without holding the so called MPs and MLAs accountable and Hindu women are advised to produce four kids to ‘save’ the faith. When ‘Ramzadas’ are pitted against ‘Haramzadas’. When the newly appointed chairperson of an INDEPENDENT organization calls NaMo his action hero.

Isn’t this a beginning of brutal mindset? The imposition of a culture over other ones? Isn’t this a dictatorship in disguise?


Saffronising education

Haryana education minister fearlessly announced their endeavor to saffronise education by introducing Bhagwad Gita in school. This germinates biggest concern among youth because the above attempt will mould young minds with overflowing pessimism. Another grave incident arose when Sanskrit was propagated to replace German and other foreign languages with the idea of reviving rich Hindu culture. Our history is enriched with Sanskrit with literary masterpieces in the language and all of us respect it for the fact that it has given birth to many other languages too but its use in present day world parallel to German is impractical. This doesn’t degrade its value; this is just a matter of moving time.


Media- Modi Modi Modi lalala

We aren’t blind to the biasness of the media but the exorbitant degree of hyping somebody seems to be a matter of concern. The “important” news account for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s half sleeved kurta-tea-smiles-suit-speeches-selfie-etc-etc.” Moreover these programs which are repeated forever irk us coupled with his presentation in the media which gives him an autocratic character and accentuate the already done harm turning it into fatal. Be it central level elections or state, all you can find is Mr. Modi driving BJP’s car. Our Home, finance, defence and other cabinet ministers are hardly seen. So much of reliability on one person makes the idea of decentralized rule or federalism oblivious- a dictatorship in disguise.



In present scenario, it becomes imperative on our part to understand the secular character of our country. Unlike the West, Indian model of secularism upholds no religion as official and respects every faith that blooms here equally. However, in cases of disputes, the government can interfere to resolve matter and pacify the situation.3

Though the word ‘secular’ was added only during the emergency period through the 42nd amendment our entire constitution from its earliest days is fashioned into secular line. It’s bothering to witness the removal of ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ from our preamble recently, more saddening however is the justification that supplemented it. If words aren’t necessary to reflect our ideals and values, then the whole idea of identity seems absurd. Acceptance arrives when your identity is acknowledged and secularity is without a doubt our undisputed identity.


Let’s stand united

Different culture has been laid suspended way back from Mauryan period to Guptas, Mughals and Britishers too. These layers of history have survived together with the cocooned beauty of oneness, fraternity and liberty. Godses infect, Gandhis harmonise. Martyrs can only be commemorated if we keep their ideology alive. I would urge every fellow citizen to scrutinize and decide the forthcoming future of our nation. Why can’t we celebrate different faiths that exist here? The chauvinist assimilation shall not divide us and let others take advantage as has been done before. We don’t want to be reminded of the hideous scars, the bloodshed on sectarian and religious lines. We want to cherish democracy, we want our rainbow to shine!

Written By- Zainab Rashid



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