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Nitish Kumar Vs. Manjhi : Kissa Kursi Ka !



In the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections when the Modi wave drowned, JD(U) in Bihar along with the other national and regional parties, Nitish Kumar the then CM of Bihar , in pretext of ‘Moral Responsibility’ for this rout, resigned. He instated his close aide Jitan Ram Manjhi, who was touted as a mere puppet or a ‘fill-in’ CM. This move was aimed to win the support of backward classes as Jitan Ram Manjhi was a Maha Dalit. Forward it to 2015, with series of stupid remarks and illogical actions, he proved to be of more harm than good. Then what followed was a series of hilarious events mocking India’s democracy.



Nitish Kumar decided to take down his protégé and take back his chair stating that Mr. Manjhi was not able to govern Bihar. JD(U) elected him as their leader again and sacked Jitan Ram Manjhi. Ministers ressigned and JD(U) successfully blamed the state’s situation on Manjhi. Everything was set for Nitish Kumar’s return but Manjhi had other plans in his mind. He refused to surrender to the whims and fancies of his mentor and rebelled.  He sought for the dissolution of the assembly which further irked Mr. Kumar. FIRs were filed and Mr. Manjhi played his Maha Dalit card to stay on his seat. Manjhi stated, “Nitish Kumar cannot stay from power. He suffers from lust for power “. After this, battle lines were drawn.

JD(U) leader claimed support of 130 MLAs (even the speaker of the house). His road to the chair was almost clear, but the puppet wasn’t ready to go down without a fight. He sought support from the PM. This further irked Mr. Kumar who before the Lok Sabha elections broke up the pre-poll alliance with BJP due to his differences with Mr. Modi. By  February 9, 2015 Manjhi was expelled from JD(U) in the pretext of involvement in ‘anti-party activities’. The spat was only getting murkier and unpredictable by every passing moment. The transition of power which was supposed to happen comfortably, was getting increasingly complicated and difficult.


By now all eyes were set on the Governor of the State. The ball was in his court and only he could make or break Mr. Manjhi’s fate. The Governor was taking time to announce his decision. Mr. Nitish Kumar was getting increasingly nervous with every passing day as this was giving Manjhi time to gather support for his cause. In his moment of anxiety, Mr. Nitish Kumar planned to go to the President and make his 130 MLA’s parade in front of him to prove his majority. He did so on February 11, 2015, the desperation of Mr. Kumar was evident from this move. People started speculating about Bhartiya Janta Party’s hand behind this mess.


On  February 12, 2015, the Governor gave Manjhi time till  February 20, 2015 to prove his majority. This rattled the JD(U) camp which went on to say that Governor is a puppet in the hands of the Bhartiya Janta Party and it is trying to capitalise on the situation.

People may speculate as they please but Manjhi surely got the required time to turn the tide of this battle in his favour. Dirty politics will be played and the constitution will be dishonoured.
Where one party re-established people’s faith in the institution, others are trying hard to make a mockery out of it. In this mindless tussle of power, it is only the people of Bihar who will suffer. Well, seems likes nobody cares!

Another article on Bihar coming up soon! Keep reading for more.
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Picture Credits- Google images
By Bhanu Sharma


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