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Friendly Fridays Chapter 51: Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor & Imtiaz Ali: Team Tamasha


Delhi University students from the ED Team got lucky this week to have grabbed a chance to interview their alumnus Imtiaz Ali, along with the lead cast of his film, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone!

We met the team during their Delhi schedule of Tamasha promotions! Exhausted with the series of movie based interviews since morning, the trio met us over a plate of Bhel Puri for some light rapid fire questions.

The informal chat began with Imtiaz Ali telling our team that, “You guys are University Students and from a Youth Blog, you better ask smart kickass questions!” to which Ranbir Kapoor added, “You better listen to your senior and surprise us“.

To start with Team ED asked them about the train journey that the entire cast undertook from Mumbai to Delhi for promotions, post which began the short fun questions!

Ranbir, Deepika and Imtiaz during their train journey to Delhi | Imtiaz is seen wearing the T-shirt of Ibtida, the dramatics society of Hindu College, University of Delhi

So let’s start!

Team ED: Which would be that one quality you would want to take up from the characters in the film Tamasha?

Ranbir Kapoor: Don’t live to impress others.

Deepika Padukone: Don’t live other people’s dreams. Not particular to any character, I like the soul of this film.

Imtiaz Ali:  Parents’ expectations are what pulls you down. Also today we end up compromising on our dreams, I think that needs to stop.


(ED’s Pratishtha Mahajan with Tamasha star cast)

Team ED: Tell us about any ‘Tamasha’ memory from your school days?

Ranbir Kapoor: Once I was sneaking out of the class from the back door and I was caught by Principal. The Principal slapped me.
“Uss thappad ki awaaz abhi tak mere college main goonjti hai”.

Deepika Padukone: Something similar, my friends and I used to sit in the fourth or the fifth bench in class, so that we do not catch that much attention like the first benchers or last benchers. As soon as the teacher used to turn to write on the board, we used to sneak out of the classroom.

Team ED: What can one generally find in your browser history?

Ranbir Kapoor: Google

Deepika Padukone: Currency exchange

Imtiaz Ali: Google

Team ED: If you could have one super power, what would you want it to be?

Ranbir Kapoor: Being invisible.

Deepika Padukone: To become a vaccum cleaner! (Ranbir adds: she wants to  suck  dirt from the whole world)

Imtiaz Ali: To be able to touch any person and turn into that person.

Team ED: One gadget you are hooked onto?

Ranbir Kapoor: IO hawk

Deepika Padukone: IPod

Imtiaz Ali: Phone

Team ED: One thing you would like to own?

Ranbir Kapoor: Imtiaz’s soul

Imtiaz Ali: Ranbir’s Body

Team ED: What would you rather prefer: life in a small city or a metropolitan city?

Ranbir Kapoor: Metro (since I haven’t lived in a small city)

Deepika Padukone: Metro

Imtiaz Ali: Small city

Team ED: A code name you would want for yourself?

Ranbir Kapoor: Marco

Deepika Padukone: Mona darling and Sweety

Imtiaz Ali: Django

Team ED: An annoying habit you can’t seem to shake off?

Ranbir Kapoor: Digging my nose

Deepika Padukone: OCD

Imtiaz Ali: Taking long pauses between conversations

Team ED: What comes to your mind when we say the following?

Honey Singh

Ranbir Kapoor: Yo Yo

Deepika Padukone: Entertainment

Imtiaz Ali: Angrezi weed

Zodiac Signs

Ranbir Kapoor: Rubbish

Deepika Padukone: Capricorn

Imtiaz Ali: Gemini

Bigg Boss

Ranbir Kapoor: Voyeuristic

Deepika Padukone: Recently had my first experience, was superb.

Imtiaz Ali: Never seen a single episode.

Favourite Khan

Ranbir Kapoor: Genghis Khan

Deepika Padukone: Irrfan Khan

Imtiaz Ali: Imran Khan (Cricketer)

Favourite Cartoon

Ranbir Kapoor: Tom and Jerry

Deepika Padukone: Tweety

Imtiaz Ali: Bleep Blop 

Favourite Emoji

Ranbir Kapoor: Hugs (It is the best conversation ender, it kills a conversation)

Deepika Padukone: Poop with flies flying over it.

Imtiaz Ali: (thinking) Ranbir answers (he uses a lot of smilies)

Celebrity Crush

Ranbir Kapoor: Madhuri Dixit

Deepika Padukone: SRK

Imtiaz Ali: Manisha Koirala

Wow! Thanks a ton Deepika, Ranbir and Imtiaz for your fun responses.

We had a great time chatting up with you all.

All the very best for your movie Tamasha.

Hope to see it asap!

With that it’s a wrap of this Tamasha-tastic edition of Friendly Fridays.

See you again next Friday with another fun and friendly interview.


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