Nitish Bans Alcohol in Bihar. Much Needed Or Another Useless Ban?

Dry days are coming for Bihar.

Nitish Kumar announced today that Bihar will go dry with alcohol being banned there from April 1, 2016.


Yes. Yes. From April fool’s day.

This is not the first time that the state is going dry. In 1977-78 the state government tried to impose prohibition but it was not effective.

This is the first major announcement by Nitish Kumar since he has sworn in as Chief Minister for the fifth time last week after a spectacular election victory amidst the rising intolerance and communalism.

How Dafuq?

This decision was not all of a sudden.

The chief minister had promised a group of women at an event months ago that he will ban alcohol if he comes to power.


In July, months before the state polls, Nitish Kumar had faced protests at a function from women who had complaints about country alcohol addiction in villages. He assured the women that if he returns to power, he would ban alcohol.

It’s good to see Biharis respecting their women.

Total Ban or Partial?

The speculative good news for alcohol drinkers in Bihar is that it is not known whether the ban would be restricted to country alcohol or will include all alcohol.


If Bihar bans porn then it would be a completely dry State. (wink)

Other dry buddies

Other dry states are Gujarat (Narendra Modi’s ex), Manipur, Nagaland (North-East mey hai yaar!) and Lakshwadeep.

Bihar is going to join them.

Biharis are everywhere.



The thing about banning stuff is that no matter how much you try to eradicate it from a territory it is going to seep through the borders one or the other way.

If porn is banned then proxy servers are used.

Piracy is illegal but we have torrents. (Synonym of torrent = Almighty God)

Alcohol banned. Pay high prices and you have it.

Beef ban. Pay your life. Amen.

Are we right or wrong in thinking so? Tell us in comments below. 



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