Emonics Group of companies has quickly shot to the top and expanded its operations to multiple sectors like IT, Real Estate, Transport and Logistics, Education and Management. Soon it will be entering the Hospitality sector and delivering the Emonics promise of quality there as well.
Co-founder Ratan Tripathi is every bit as dynamic as the company he has helped build, he describes himself as a “risk taker” and attributes the success of Emonics group to this quality of his. Saying, “I’m not against playing it safe, no one should jump head first into anything, but I never was the one to be too cautious. I trust my gut and it has never betrayed me. My instincts show me a vision and I get there as quickly as I can, if I waited around and consulted the rule book every time Emonics group wouldn’t nearly be as big today. I’ve built Emonics from the ground up and I will always do my best for it.”.
Tripathi hails from the city of Mumbai and has had an inspiring journey to say the least. He nurtured his seed of idea into a global conglomerate and continues to expand his vision without compromising on the quality. His cutting edge ideas and ingenious plan of actions have made him a thought leader in the industry. Many have adopted Tripathi’s ways and are modelling their entrepreneurial approach after him.
On his success and future endeavours, Tripathi says, “Success has no set formula, no two successful people have matching stories. Everyone builds their success through their own ways. I’d like to believe that I have come so far by making good decisions and by implementing my ideas efficiently. I am thankful to everyone in my life who has helped me stay motivated and to everyone at Emonics Group that work towards taking us higher.


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