Starting Price from Rs.74795, New Jitendra EV Electric Scooter JMT1000HS 3K offers best in class driving speed UPTO 51 km/h and a range at 126 km per charge 

Just at the start of the festive season & F.Y Jitendra EV Electric has launched a new variant to its JMT1000HS line-up. The electric two wheeler market is already at a new high, and continues to grow even higher. India’s electric two-wheeler company Jitendra EV are already seeing a 25-30 percent surge in demand, due to Awareness in customer. Many buyers in the Indian cities are now opting for electric vehicles due to ever escalating fuel prices and greater affordability thanks to several State Government subsidies. Jitendra EV Vehicles with its two existing e-scooters of JMT CLASSIC, JET 320 & JMT1000HS has launched the new Jitendra EV JMT1000HS 3K e-scooter priced at Rs 74,795(AFTER FAME-II SUBSIDY). This price, with added state government subsidies, could go down further making it an attractive and lucrative buy for those seeking a cheaper alternative to conventionally powered scooters. JMT1000HS 3K is presented in 5 colour options of Red, Black, White, Sliver and Grey. It gets an extended driving range of 126 kms per charge as per ICAT certification. It comes in with a 3 year warranty that covers aggregates and assurance of after sales support.

Jitendra EV Electric Scooter JMT1000HS 3K – Key Features 

Jitendra EV JMT1000HS 3K measures 1,880mm in length, 680mm in width and 1,100mm in height. It gets a wheelbase of 1,413mm and ground clearance of 175mm. Maximum load capacity stands at 150 kgs. JMT1000HS 3K gets a detachable 60V, 26Ah Dual Battery Advanced Lithium Battery which can be charged via a 6amp home/office/plug on the wall charging point. 

This is one of the very few electric scooter with front and back Tubeless Tyres, Disc brakes in front and drum brakes at the back. The scooter is 1100 mm in height and weight 94 kg. It comes with a Standard Warranty 3 Year on Specific Components and 1 Year on Charger. It is available in 5 colors, namely WHITE/BLACK/RED/ GREY/SILVER. It has Lithium-Ion Dual battery with 60V26Ah*2 battery energy and 3.120 kwh battery rating.

It comes with motor power of 1000 watt and max speed of this scooter is 51.93 KMPH.

Jitendra EV JMT1000HS 3K Electric Scooter Specs

Its 126 km range per charge offers the rider an economical ride while it highly capable battery offers both increased power and better performance. It also gets best in class driving speed of upto 51 km/h while its 1000 watt motor is among the highest in capacity in its segment. JMT1000HS 3K also receives 3 modes with reverse gear Mode. On board features include keyless entry, vehicle finder, an anti-theft alarm system, a folded seat for multipurpose and legroom space of 450mm. For pillion safety, the scooter gets large foot rest and grab handles. CA Samkit Jitendra Shah, Co-founder, Jitendra EV said, “Customers are looking for more affordable ways to travel as petrol prices heavily dent savings of everyday 2W commuters. JMT1000HS 3K with its long distance per charge enables users to do multiple trips and complete their work & life goals easily. JMT1000hs has been the preferred choice of multiple EV prospects across the country owing to its large comfortable space and distinctive ride comfort. In addition, now every smart Indian customer will get superior style, extra power & performance delivering extraordinary savings & smart ride every km of the drive.” 

Jitendra EV Electric Two Wheeler Plant

Jitendra EV Vehicles is going to setting up an electric two-wheeler plant in Nashik in Maharashtra. The plant is set to commence production by the mid this year. Production capacities, are set to touch the 3 lakh unit mark by the end of year. The company will follow a platform based approach with common components for different models.

New Jitendra Electric Scooter JMT 1000 3K is truly a feature packed electric scooter with utilities and features like Tubeless Tyre, Alloy wheel, Detachable Battery, Usb Charging Port, Disc Brake, Keyless Entry, 3 Speed Mode, Reverse Assistance Gear, Central Remote locking with Anti-Theft Alarm, Stylish Mirror, Find my Scooter, Huge Legroom & Ground Clearence, Sytlish Look, Foldable Seat, Multi Use for Passenger as well as for Commercial.


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