Author Venugopal Balasubramanian, writing under the pen name, The Literary Yogi, has successfully written his first book “Bonded by Darkness” which is published by Leadstart. Yogi was a pet name the author’s parents chose to give him at birth. A corporate office dweller by day, father and husband by evenings and weekends, and creative writer by late night and early mornings, Yogi has never failed to follow his love for writing. His debut Novel “Bonded by Darkness” tells an incredible story that is both creative and fast-paced. The thrilling elements in the book get revealed to the readers in an exciting manner. It is a fast-paced page-turner and one gets hooked with the seamless flow. 

The Title, “Bonded by Darkness”, is perfect because the protagonists bond with each other through the darkness that touches their lives. Set against the backdrop showcasing both the debonair and the underbelly of Mumbai, Bonded by Darkness shadows four people who are reborn in the fires of adversity. They bond over the darkness that has touched their lives and the journey they take together redefines their existence and alters their destiny. 

Leonardo, a happy twenty-one-year old living in the Indian city of Cochin, is engulfed in darkness when hidden secrets from the past see light. He moves to Mumbai to get away from it all, where he befriends a young boy at an underground fight club and a beautiful woman living next door to him. When the boy is kidnapped by a Ukrainian gangster and the

woman is attacked by a businessman, Leo decides to take it upon himself to hunt down these criminals. In Leo’s attempt to fund his undercover operations, he recruits his friends-

who like him, are reborn in the fires of adversity-to rob the Royal Global Bank, Mumbai. As a result, he ends up even deeper in the dark world of criminals.

Even though this is The Literary Yogi’s first novel, he has been writing throughout his life either through helping friends write assignments, writing scripts for interschool and intercollegiate plays, or writing numerous papers over the course of his life. The storyline depicts good morals and ethics, a great twist, and a plot with a very well-defined character personification. The author has been able to intrigue readers and take them on an incredible ride. The chic style and well-conceived story line make it ideal to create an exciting movie script. The readers can relate to the characters and scenarios which is the beauty of a good book. It is a must read for crime-thriller lovers. The language of the book is lucid and stylish. It has fourteen chapters and worth every minute it takes to read. A journey of transformation!


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