Sexuality has been a taboo in India for a long time. And now, in order to compensate, we may have had some overcompensation thanks to the Internet boom. 


Hypersexuality is a highly debated topic among psychiatrists and sexual medicine researchers, who have different opinions about whether “too much” sexual activity is truly a disorder, for either sex.

Hypersexual tendencies can be treated…

The causes of hypersexual behaviour are not well understood. However, sex addiction and hypersexuality may sometimes be caused by traumatic experiences, distress, or mental illness, such as bipolar disorder.

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With the advent of the Internet, there lies a higher chance of traumatic experiences and hypersexual behaviour. 

What Internet Brings

The Internet has brought about easy access to pornography. That, in turn, has led to awareness campaigns and other ways of stopping the exploitation of actors. 

By means of this, people have defined and promoted “sex-positivity” and never looked back. The kink culture, along with sex-positivity has brought about very problematic practices such as the rape culture, incest kink and age-play. Normalization of choking, rape play, the fetishization of minors and beating romantic partners is not alright. 

Sex positivity in the right way makes the world a better place…

Furthermore, making one’s life all about sex and focusing on shoving their sexuality onto others have had more negative impacts than positive ones in India. 

More Repercussions

Apart from the mental toll it takes, there are physical aspects that are a burden as well. The hookup culture has led to a rise in drug use for birth control and abortions. While it is a choice for everyone, it does impact one’s body and mind. 

The fact that sex with strangers, the age-play kink and other fetishes have been normalised is worrisome. Along with the need to be sexually active, comes violence and even rape. 

Rape culture also has its root in hypersexual culture on Internet

Certain instances do prove that hypersexual culture is needed, which leads towards sex education and the promotion of sexual health. People have started talking about sex more than ever since, and that too in a nation that has considered sex as a taboo since time immemorial.

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