The world of fashion has certainly taken a backseat in these turbulent times. People these days simply do not have the will or extra money to spend on something that no one besides the people they are living with will see. 

However, it seems like people are now trying to figure out how to combine fashion and the fun it brings with spreading important messages of safety and health. 

This was shown by Lithuania’s capital Vilnius when they held something called a ‘Mask Fashion Week’ that is in keeping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 21 billboards were put up all around Vilnius which is also a UNESCO World Heritage city. These billboards had men, women and children all photographed wearing masks as part of the ‘Mask Fashion Week’.

Since all citizens of Lithuanian have to wear masks outside mandatorily this was seen as an interesting way to promote mask-wearing and also bring some fun and entertainment to it. 

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This is quite a creative way to engage the public and make them a part of not only something fashionable but also taking better care of their health and adhering to safety guidelines.

Image Credits: Go Vilnius

Sources: The Hindu, Hindustan Times

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