Robert Pattinson being cast as the new Batman was already the cause of much talk, what with his role in the Twilight movies as the sparkly vampire Edward Cullen. 

However, since then the actor has done a full 180 by doing roles that are so far and apart from Edward Cullen, that is has earned him some appreciation and respect as an actor. 

Now, Matt Reeves, director of ‘The Batman’ a reboot of the Batman film franchise by DC Films has shared the first look of Pattinson as the new caped crusader and the new batsuit too. 

Instantly it has evoked a strong response from fans of the character with many liking the clip and also making their own theories and guesses about the new batsuit. 

Here I’ve taken a look at some of the details that have caught the eye of people and made them even more excited for the upcoming film:

#1. Guns Used In the Suit?

Some users commented on how the bat symbol in the suit seemed to be made out of gun parts. This has made fans state how it could be the same guns that killed his parents.

For those who don’t know, Bruce Wayne (the real identity of Batman) was traumatised after he witnessed the murder of his parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, that eventually led him to becoming the vigilant that he ultimately became. 

Although there are different versions of how his parents were murdered, most fans know that his parents were shot by a mugger in an alley. 

If this bit is true, it could be seen as Bruce giving his parents a tribute and carrying their memory and need for vengeance everywhere. It also gives a nice touch of being ‘homemade’ considering Bruce made his batsuit and most of his gadgets on his own. You can also see the different plates and such moving in the video, making it look unrefined and thus more handmade.

It could also work as a good weapon, given that they are detachable and thrown at enemies mid-fight. 

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#2. Similar Intro As The Joker

A few users also found it interesting how the similar this camera test is to the camera test of Joaquin Phoenix as ‘Joker’.

Although this is just speculative, it could be hinting at the similarity between Joker and Batman, something that many comics and fans have commented about time and again. 

#3. Draws Inspiration From Arkham Games

Many fans have already begun to delve into which comics could have inspired this particular batsuit. A large majority seem to be saying it is Arkham Game, the Batman inspired video game series. 

I believe, especially after seeing the handmade quality of the batsuit, that this batsuit could have bits from 2013’s ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ game which was a prequel to the first installment, Arkham Asylum. In this, Batman is a less-refined version of himself, has his first meeting with Joker and has to save himself from eight deadly assassins that were sent after him by Black Mask. 

Some fans have also said that the camera test seems to have notes of the 1989 one-shot graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola. This comes from the presence of a raised collar, which is markedly different from previous suits. 

#4. A Noir Themed Batman?

The 55-second video also gives a very noir and gritty feel, with the deep red colour being a prominent colour and making it difficult to see much in full detail.

The background music by composer Michael Giacchino, is only adding to the whole look feeling like its some crime drama more than a superhero movie. 


Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Insider, Techradar

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