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Crazy Comparisons: The “Agent Of Chaos” Joker vs Donald “The American Dream” Trump


Unusual Comparisons: An ED Original content style, where we take 2 very opposite and different items and show you, exactly how similar they might be. 

Chaos. Anarchy. Madness. Words like these perfectly describe Heath Ledger’s role of The Joker but also bear a striking resemblance to a ridiculously controversial American politician. If you haven’t guessed it already, yes. I’m talking about Donald Trump.

Both of them have plenty of things in common and in this post, you’ll see how :

I won’t be digressing and giving this analysis from a political standpoint. Instead, this will focus on more on the ideological similarities between the two.

Starting from the very basics:

1. Both the icons (one of them can be referred to that way) have a penchant for methodical politics to manipulate situations in their favour:

The Joker used situational advantages to his favour to manipulate Harvey Dent and Trump uses the concept of “making America great again” in the name of discriminative and hate politics. Mexicans could relate to this, if you know what I mean.

Both the personalities are master tacticians when it comes to politics who often depict themselves as casual and nonchalant & yet execute their moves just at the right moment.

Could this be any more obvious what this image depicts?

2. Similarly, they have this constant hunger for theatricality and misdirection to get support. They keep pulling the strings and yet they’re always the frontmen for their acts:

The Joker siphoned off half the earnings of the Mob and turned the city against Batman whereas Trump has openly criticized his fellow contestants (Hillary and Bernie, sounds like a Tele-Tubby trio) and yet managed to come on top in multiple caucuses, despite online hatred for him.

This proves that even though they are manipulative and brash, they do have a certain cult which does follow their ideology and supports them.

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3. Another ideological similarity is the unpredictability of the two names in question:

You never know what they’re gonna do, unless they do it.

The Joker tricked and manipulated Harvey Dent into turning against his own ideals. Masterstroke!

The Joker killed the presiding judge for the Mob trial, Commissioner Loeb, Rachel and disfigured Harvey Dent. Donald Trump declared his apparent hatred for Mexicans, mocked Rosie O’Donnell, talked about banning Muslims from entering the United States and changed his dynamic on the country’s economic policies faster than we could say, “What?”.

“Theatricality and deception. Powerful agents for the uninitiated”. Although this quote talks about people who aren’t in touch with their true core, sadly, in reality, WE ARE THE ONES UNINITIATED, swayed by the vehemently manipulative and cheap politics no matter its medium.

4. Lastly, the final point of similarity would be the lack of a plan for both the icons (I cannot find a better word, damn it!):

The Joker said, “I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it.”

dog chasing cars
The man with no plan : The Joker has always highlighted spontaneity as a key feature of his persona, much similar to Donald Trump.

Trump said, “We need to bring back the American Dream and make America great again.”

Everybody questioned how and predictably enough, it still remains a question which Trump himself couldn’t answer. The interlinking of his tactics where he combines his lack of plans and unpredictsbility may just be his key move, after all!

Nevertheless, the ideologies of two such personalities may seem to be unrelated at first, but still have managed to give us plenty of insight that there always is a connection between two people if the right perspective is used for analysis.

Trump may be America’s reckoning, we can’t say. Will he be controversial and continue to make headlines much like his fictional counterpart, I think we are all smart enough to know the answer to that question.

Over to you, Hillary.

Image Credits: Google Images

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