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Here Are Some Of The Cool Office Practices Around The Globe Which Make Work Fun For Employees!

Gone are the days of boring retreats and lazy office parties.


In the midst of boring corporate corporate which focus on nothing but sales and the end product, it’s nice to see the big brands (be it local or global) inculcating some cool office practices in their daily work hours to make work interesting for their employees.

These cool office practices range from the simplest of things; be it rewarding your best employee with a REALLY gorgeous gift or allowing them to bring their pets to work for a feel-good factor a couple of times in a week.

Gone are the days of boring retreats and lazy office parties.

We at ED Times took the liberty to compile a list of cool office practices for you. Go on, take a look:

#1. Allowing Pets At Work:

Be it India’s AIB or USA’s Google, both these companies have a policy to allow pets at workplaces which increase the feel-good factor in a workplace and allows the employees to be happy and light-headed while working.

Tanmay Bhat from AIB regularly uploads videos on Snapchat about the dogs in his office and Google has gone on to make an “Every Day Is A Pet Day” policy in their offices.

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#2. A Library And Game Room:

As much as we hear the stereotypes about “cracking open a cold one (euphemism for beer) with the boys” on the weekend, a lot of companies have made things on a slightly PG-13 level where boys (and girls) can chill in their free time.

A game room can serve as a great stress reliever and so can a fantastic library, where men and women of all ages can do something fun or just chill out with a good book and hot coffee.

#3. Handsome Rewards And Open Door Policy:

Now, this comes from a personal experience. ED Times was recently at the TalentEdge corporate office in New Delhi, India and we noticed a, an open-door, no-cabin culture in this office.

Now that’s amazing, if you ask me.


Because it shows that an established corporate company can go ahead and use a start-up working model to inculcate team spirit, regardless of one’s position and designation.

And add that to the fact that TalentEdge recently awarded one of their employees a brand new iPhone 7, you can only imagine their dynamic work culture to pamper their employees, haha!

Now, this is a really cool practice because it not only makes the workplace fun, it tends to increase internal competition and maximize productivity!

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#4. Male Creches: 

Female creches have been popular enough in workplaces which is a really good practice but hey, we can make one for the boys too, can’t we?

Now this is important to bridge the inherent stereotypes in our country and promote parenthood not just for women but for men, too.

Single fathers might get great help from these male creches and might get all the quick fixes with their toddlers and that’s what puts male creches in the list of cool office practices!

#5. Young And Dynamic Employees In An Amazingly Decorated Office Is A Win-Win:

Now, I’m not saying that all employees over the age of 40 should be fired.

Sure, they should get their designations and should be promoted or demoted as per their work rate but it’s important to have a workforce consisting largely of young minds to improve on creativity, innovation and efficient work ethics.

From our recent experience at TalentEdge, we found that most of their work force is in their early or mid 20s which makes it a really fun place to be.

Speaking to TalentEdge’s Senior HR Malvika, she gave her 2 cents about the youth workforce :

“We have a guy who’s barely 21 and selling these fancy facilities to higher level corporates and that’s the confident and dynamic nature which we need. And that’s why we have a young workforce here, to promote this positive outlook and new-age culture.”

Add that to their beautiful office and you can almost imagine everything from customizable work stations to great coffee, all under one roof!

Similar policies can be seen in companies like Google where staircases are replaced by slides for going up and down the floors! Isn’t that uber cool?

Long story short, a company is as good as its employees and the employes are good when they’re happy.

So to make sure they’re happy, use these cool office practices in your own office and watch the magic happen!

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