By Niharkana Dhar

Hailing from the far away northeast and moving towards mainland India can be a displacement at several levels.

Apart from the oft-reported linguistic and cultural differences, there are many daily life trends that change with physical places. Anybody coming to the city of Delhi would certainly succumb to some eye-rolling moments in these hilarious situations.

Tumhari Hindi itni acchi kaise hain?!

Red-alert to those north-easterners who have a grip in speaking Hindi. I am pretty sure every single one of you have been subject to this particular question with the look of amazement. Unless you are the witty one-liner person, you might have a lot of explaining to do in justification of your fluent Hindi!

Aap roti nahin khaate?

The journey from a climate of tropical monsoon to the semi-arid Delhi inevitably results in the change in the staple food. Accompanied is the alarming glance of chappati consumers.

The lack of a variety of fruits is also felt in this sort of climate change and can be a serious alteration of a diet of water-based fruits to a reliance on dairy products. Good news is, fresh dairy products are to be found in abundance in mainland India through any number of local brands.

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The oh! so dry! Weather

The sweltering heat and chilled to the bone winters of Delhi is complemented by the dryness of the air.  So must haves alter from a towel handkerchief in a sweaty humid monsoon to wet wipes to keep one’s skin hydrated.

Really greasy moisturizers become mandatory in winters and sunscreen lotions no lesser than SPF 15 for the summers! Besides, lip balms are here an all-weather delicacy and not just a luxury reserved for the winters.

Throughout the article, as I have rambled on about climates and cuisines, the harshness as found in the city are combated by the cozy Dilli ki Sardi and its golgappe, bhalle papdi and so much more.

Undoubtedly, the stereotypical jumbling up of Chinese, Thai and north-eastern cuisines can annoy you. However, taking a stand in the no man’s land of being rooted yet explorative is the way to be!

Author Bio: Niharkana is doing her postgraduation in English from Delhi University.

Image Credits: Google Images

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