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Passing out of twelfth grade is kinda special for almost anybody because yeah, it’s our first step into adulting. Who knew we would have to deal with unhygienic toilets and mess halls.

Most of us choose colleges far away from home mostly for the aesthetic appeal of being ‘free’ and yes of course the academic discourse the college/university provides.

Who would have ever known of the different horrors we would have to face on campus with cleanliness being our daily Grinch.

The Monsters

Yes, there’s a Frankenstein monster almost every campus pets like an old pal and that’s the worst sanitary nightmare any student could have.

A gruesome sight at one campus

Students live forever in the fear of waking up to soiled toilets, pan-stained corridors and garbage-strewn like confetti.

Monster No.1: The Toilets

Toilets form a crucial part of our daily life and expecting clean ones in the hostels we’ve paid for is not asking for privilege. It’s a basic human right.

Broken and hardly functional unclean toilets pose a major threat of infections like E.Coli to all students.

The girls have it the worst during menstruation as multiple students across campuses particularly the University Of Hyderabad have complained of contracting vaginal infections.

“The hostel and mess conditions are terrible. We girl students live with fear of getting infections from the unclean washrooms especially during periods. Many have complained of urinary and vaginal infections after using these washrooms,”

said an anonymous student from the University Of Hyderabad.

A puke inducing bath cubicle at the University Of Hyderabad

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Monster No.2: The Mess

We have heard several nerve chilling stories of students finding bugs in their sambar or that time when somebody found a lizard in their McDonald’s burger.

How would you feel when you see rats nibbling on a chapati that would be served to you later that evening?

Such is the case at Amity University, Noida Uttar Pradesh.

(Video sent by Divya, (false names have been given to protect the students identity) a student of Amity)

Numerous cases have popped up all across the country where students complain of uninvited canine co-habitants chilling out on their mess tables and they have an attitude of their own.

Repeated complaints to the management have always fallen on deaf ears and the number of students wasting away have gone up by the day.

The Management Head Bob

Something that everyone who’s familiar with formal complaints to the management is the quintessential head bob they receive as a mark of empathy and sympathy.

Well, it seems only natural that hardly any action is taken because how many times have we heard of managements responding to student worries?

All though none of this lethargy is ever visible when hiking the residential fee or making tall claims about the campus.

Students come to university with dreams. They come with the hope of learning something. Without proper health or a healthy environment, these dreams get shattered. After all, which poet has managed to inspire a literature student dealing with recurrent bouts of diarrhea?

It’s high time the management shakes off its dusty posteriors and makes their campuses actually inhabitable.

Do you have a story at your campus which you wish to share with us? 

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Sources: Students across India

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