While all of us are busy criticizing the farmer protests and crying about the traffic jam in the city, here’s a positive side to concentrate on.

The Gurudwaras of Delhi have come together to help and feed these farmers who are in the city to press for their demands to be heard in the winter session of the Parliament this year.

The Farmers’ Protest

All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee, the banner name under which about 200 farmer associations have gathered in Delhi, is protesting by marching from Ram Leela Maidan to the Parliament.

The main agenda is to get their demands heard in order to be discussed in the winter session of the Parliament.

A gathering of about 40,000 people came for these rally marches from different parts of the country. The biggest struggle was to get a place to stay for the night and two square meals for such a huge number.

Many stayed in tents at the Ram Leela ground and quite a few battled in the cold outside. This is when many Gurudwaras in the city decided to extend a helping hand for these farmers.

Delhi Gurudwaras

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Dedicated Langars And Stay At Gurudwaras

Five Gurudwaras, namely Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Sis Ganj Sahib, Rakabganj, Bap Sahib and Majnu Ka Tila, provided accommodation to many farmers last night and will continue do so until these rallies end.

Additionally, they have also announced dedicated langars (free food) to feed these people.

Many protest rallies even begin from the very famous Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, in Connaught Place, where the farmers left for the rallies after having a full meal at the langar.

Along with this, several volunteer groups have also come out in support following the lead of these Gurudwaras. About 700 volunteers of a group called Nation For Farmers marched in solidarity with the farmers while helping them with food and medicines.

Several other NGOs are carrying out emergency medical and first aid services for these protesting farmers.

Many Gurudwara “sevaks” can also be spotted in these rallies serving water and food to thousands of people in need.

Well, these farmers serve us all through the year, it only makes sense that we give what we can in return.

Sources: India Times, News18

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