College hostels are a facility meant for students to lodge inside a safe campus and continue to study away from their home. But in the present conditions college hostels have only become centers of extortion of high fees and fake accreditation certificates.

Recently a 3rd-year student from an engineering college in Telangana lost his life due to the lack of appropriate medical facilities within the campus.

Since the college was located in a remote area far from the urban center the unfortunate incident happened.

As per one of the students of the same college-

Our college in located 60 kilometers from the city in the outskirts. It is a big campus.
There are hostels inside the campus itself.
It is nearby a small town which does not have good medical facilities. It has one hospital, a very small nursing home.
A student in our college hostels died yesterday night because he was unwell and was suddenly not able to breathe
There are no first aid boxes, medicine boxes, no doctor or nurse at night.
At the time of inspection we have an ambulance in our college just to get the inspection points from the accreditation board for the university.
They are constructing so many new buildings in our campus and the main reason is that your taxes will decrease if you have constructions going on in the campus.
Education in the college is very good.
But only if the management had thought about the hostlers and had arranged for proper medical facilities, I would not be going to my friend’s funeral today.

In this situation who is to be held responsible?

The blame entirely lies with the hostel management committee who lack proper medical amenities for emergency needs.

The hypocrisy is so huge that these hostels and colleges call themselves as prestigious institutions of our country and such treatment is being meted out to the students.

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During admissions or the time accreditation committees visit hostel/ college premises the authorities portray the campus as super safe and a haven for students but once they leave the reality is out.

On one hand they charge exorbitant fees from all the students and on the other hand, the facilities promised are also not given.

Leave alone luxuries, a campus cannot guarantee even basic medical facilities.

Where are you safe?

In the name of safety students are locked up inside “safe” hostel campuses but unfortunately the question lies, is the danger outside?

To top it all, in order to protect the prestige of the institution the college authorities do not allow any student to speak up and this is how the oppression continues while the flowery picture remains intact.

Preventive measures

A lot can be done to prevent any such mishap from happening. These are some very basic additions which would help in preventing any such incidents-

  1. First Aid Boxes – at least two in every hostel building (depending on the number of students)

2. Boxes with basic medicines like painkillers, anti-allergic, paracetamol etc.

3. A medical centre with skilled male and female doctors which operates 24*7

4. A fully functioning ambulance

5. Some faculty members on ground could be trained with basic emergency nursing

How many more deaths will these institutions need to realize that it is not all about business? How many more condolence meets will the students need to stand in for?

It is already too late, and we urge every college to make the above-mentioned changes along the lines of standard healthcare rules for all students – day scholars and hostlers both.

It is the life of students that is at stake here.

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