South Korean band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan/Beyond The Scene) fans, called ARMY when it comes to it can be incredibly giving and creative, doing things that are seldom associated with fans of a boyband.

Not only do these fans help them in breaking musical records by buying, streaming and voting for them, but they also carry out various projects in the name of the members of the band.

Recently, K (Korean) ARMYs carried out a month long blood drive in the name of Jimin, a member of BTS, to celebrate his birthday wherein as many as 585 Korean ARMYs donated blood along with BTS merchandise and blood voucher cards.

To commemorate this, Korean Red Cross even sent a “letter of appreciation” to Jimin acknowledging this good deed by his fans.

Not only that, but in the aftermath of the recent Japan controversy, about 161 Korean and International ARMY from around the world donated as much as $3,300 to The House of Sharing, an organisation that works for Korean “comfort women” who were wartime sexual slavery victims in Japan during World War 2.

A volunteer from the organisation said that, “We’ve received donations from overseas for decades but we have no previous experience like this. So many donors from so many countries sent money for the war crime victims.”

On November 29th 2018, though, about 8 Korean fansites unveiled their latest project of ‘BTS Train’ wherein they had decked out an entire car in Line number 2 of the Seoul Subway in theme colours from BTS’ latest album, Love Yourself: Answer.

The fansites who were a part of this special subway project were @Cupid_901, @jiminiful, @SUGACoffee309, @uniK_901, @TAETAEYES1230, @ALittleBraver92, @MoNiJunNi and @Adonis_Hoseok.

This special compartment is the 5th car of Train No. 215 of Line no. 2 or the green line of the Seoul metro.

In the images posted on social media, you can clearly see that the floor of this car is covered with lyrics from the BTS song Answer: Love Myself, specifically “The target of thousands of bright arrows is me alone.” 

Along with this, fans also posted the greeting saying that “it’s cold and tiring but lets meet amazing BTS on the warm subway,” as a way to promote the project.

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While some reports say it’s for Kim Seokjin and Kim Taehyung, who will celebrate their birthday on 4th and 30th December respectively, other fans have said that is it a project for all the 7 members of the group.

A lot of K-ARMYs announced the final look of the project on Twitter by posting these beautiful pictures of the ‘BTS Train’.

1. Lyrics from BTS’s album Love Yourself: Answer cover the ground

bts train

2. The entire train is covered in pink, similar to their latest album’s cover

3. ARMYs quickly shared images from the train

4. Photos of BTS cover the walls

5. Some photos in the train are clicked by the fansites participating

6. It’s all a big shoutout to BTS and ARMYs

7. 8 fansites came together to create this subway project

8. This project was finally revealed on Twitter by the fansites

9. The train is also to celebrate the birthdays of Jin and V in December

10. The project is a special gift to the band

All the fansites that were participating and other fans who also saw this ‘BTS train’, posted about it on their Twitter handles:

The project would start from today, that is 30th November 2018 and last all the way till early January 2019.

So what do you think? Would you want to ride one of these BTS trains?

Image Credits: Twitter

Sources: AllKpop, Soompi, SBS News

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