Disclaimer: The report is based on personal accounts of KIIT students. We have reached out to the management for their point of view.

According to students studying at KIIT University in Odisha, violent clashes erupted between students of law and engineering branches.

Students say that it began due to a 5th-year law student being cat-called by an engineering student.

The law students demanded an apology, following which the engineering students gathered en-masse outside the gates of the law hostel and started pelting the gates with stones and bottles.


This further escalated after the engineering students reportedly entered the hostel and started to ambush law students with bats and other heavy objects, beating them with it.

This has reportedly led to over 20 students being hospitalized.

Many KIITians have shared CCTV footage and first-hand footage of these clashes.


The atmosphere in the university is that of horror and absolute fear. Students report that the management has been callous in their handling of the incident, allegedly asking all the students (law and engineering) to vacate the campus in the middle of the night without making alternate arrangements.

Students have taken to social media to express their absolute speechlessness at this attitude shown by the university and have been sharing pictures of them being stranded at various places.


According to Odisha Bytes, a local publication,

Vehicular traffic between Big Bazaar Square and Sikharchandi was disrupted. Pedestrians passing through the area were in a state of panic.

Some tweets also claim that the State Reserve Police Force had to be called in to restore order.


(25/11/18 5:45 PM) A reader reached out to us with a contrary point of view, saying the law students instigated the violence. He also posted this link.

(25/11/18 1:00 PM) The following is a conversation between a student from the university in question and an ED representative. Names have been withheld for confidentiality reasons:

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Image Source: Google Images, KIIT students, Twitter

Sources: Arguendo, The Quint, Odisha Bytes

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  1. Everyone is saying that the law students were hit in the lift but if you carefully observe both videos you will realise that the guy who was wearing a blue and grey stripped t shirt was already injured and was holding a bat which means he already was in a fight before and ofcourse he dint come to play cricket and suddenly got abused by the engineering student did he?, now if you the other video where only two people were being hit by the whole hostel that blue white t-shirt was completely fine and if you will then you will see how he pulled that that engineering students clothes and was hitting with rod and bamboo sticks, even ripped of his shirt and what not and those were the law students and the pulled that other guy into the hostel and probably that blood was of that person. I just have one more question is this how law taken to hand by LAW students ? Are those student even human to be able to hit one single human being like this.

    • Hi. If some one comes to your house to have a fight with you and will be armed with lathis , stones, etc are you going to going fight them with bare hand I guess no. So the guy who was holding the bat was having it to defend himself. Secondly the B TECH guys who were beaten (as per your allegation) voluntarily came inside the gate with an intention to harm not to make peace or love . So they did catch him up and rest you know and also immediately in the second video itself you will see once the b tech guy caught up by the law guys one guy who was wearing a blue boxer was stupid enough to come inside the gate and support his friend who tried to duel with law guys.
      The issue with your remark is how can you justify such act of violence which was started by B tech guys by saying that the Law school took law in their hands. If some one tries to throw stones on you are you going to hold your hands and let him do that. No one would allow any one. And now I am receiving much more videos in which the vandalism done by the b tech guys has been revealed by intentionally destroying the property.
      So we need to stop the blame game and not turn the story into different direction it was a case of harrassing a girl and it is unacceptable . Every day many girls are getting harrased by some ill minded people . Rather making it a blame game scene one must admit the real case.

  2. pratik in that video you can see one single guy was there without anything in his and many law students were hitting him with rods and bamboo sticks and in that video you can clearly hear that one person mentioned “sar phod diya” now tell me if a guy comes into your house with out any arms in his hand will all your family members would be waiting with sticks and rods and in name of self defense and say that he was here with wrong intentions, well you guys were waiting there like that shows you dint have any good intentions either. This was no self defense we could clearly see how one student was ambushed and hit by many students and you people are so in human that you took him inside to hit him, one student vs so many god know happened inside and yes you people are even worse how could actually him someone so brutally, he was one guy, just one guy, and when you keep saying that he came in with intention of harm, he was not even holding stick. No matter what but that’s no humanly to hit one person like that.

  3. And yes about the incident you people should have forced for a DC for that child and not pull him inside the hostel and beat him like this. You being LAW students should understand law better, you could have called the cops. You people decided what “acceptable” and what is not.

  4. Thank you for your reply
    First of all I would like to point out I am not a Student . Secondly If some one comes to my house with an intention to hurt me or my family he might end up being hit twice or worse and must get hurt by any kind of object it does not matter whether he is unarmed or not and if we talk about reality no one is going to come unarmed to hurt some one. And secondly some of the law guys were holding sticks because in front of them a bigger mass was standing with many more objects to hurt them so holding of sticks was necessity of the situation ….
    1. Let’s come to relevancy , in the instant case we must see the broader aspect.. the law students were in their campus then the B Tech guys came inside the Law Campus with an intention to not only cause grievous injuries but also to cause damage to the property of the School of Law, this act itself speaks volumes about that they were no where willing to compromise or settle the matter without violence. Further it is worth to mention that the Stone Pelting was done on School of law property not other property of KIIT UNiERSITY . Also the stone pelting as I mentioned earlier was started by B tech people. So it is clear that the mob of the B tech people came with an intention to cause loss and not only to cause grievous injuries but also to show case their strength and strong arm the university (video evidence is available).

    2. Another relevant fact to discuss is the your allegation that one B tech guy was beaten by the Law guys. So I must say your statement it self admits the fact that the guys in the video who did such violent act belongs to the said department. Further I am wondering what that person was thinking before entering the gate .. ohhh yes he is must be a fan of Baahubali but as an engeering student he must understand the practicality.
    Now let’s come to the clash after he entered into the gate , in any kind of clash it is well known that if you alone get caught up by the mob you are going to face the music and that what happened clearly in this instant case.

    As you said that engineering guy was not holding stick let me take you to the video of CCTV footage where one law guy in the lift , from whom the bat was snatched , while he going by stairs one of B tech person hit him again with the same bat even after knowing the fact that he was injured can ; you justify the action or can you defend such action and more in the same video if you see many law people were un armed in the lift and suddenly few b tech guys started to throw stones or broken bricks towards the chest height. So you are talking about one instance where one B tech guy was beaten while attacking the law people but you are ignoring the fact that same was done by the B tech guy on the injured law students who were trying to save themselves.

    So you might come up some new argument but the facts remains the same.
    In an easy way I will put it :
    The B tech guys showed their agitation and anger and ego of their strength by harming and causing injuries to the students of school of law and damaging the properties of the college. And also it has been found out that the girl who complained about the eve teasing , her photos were circulated in between them and such thing was also put forth before the administration.

    If these guys were having agitation then they could have protested without taking support of violence but they rather chose the other way and you pointed out that the law guys could have caught up him and handed over to the administration for DC well I know how these DC goes on, nothing could have happen. And most important if you are going to pelt stone on someone’s house then don’t expect that person to keep mum . He is definitely going to retaliate. And that’s what happened the violence was started by the B tech mob and they could have gone away by pelting stones only but that guy tried to show some hero panti and it turned out to be one of his worst day.
    When the law guys were within their boundary what was the necessity to come inside the gate and try to attack them ( can you explain me the action).

    So i must say again don’t try defend this kind of action. It is not acceptable commenting on girl and then just to satisfy own ego attacking some one with such brutal force is unacceptable.


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