Watch Out For India’s First Elephant Hospital In Mathura (Video)

When it comes to Man vs Animals conflict, elephants have always been at the fag-end of the issue. But with India’s first elephant hospital armed with facilities such as ultrasonography, tranquilisation devices, quarantine facilities, and wireless digital X-Ray, things have taken a new turn.

Elephants have been an important part of numerous Indian festivals and processions, often being the tourist attraction at several places and forts in various parts of India.

The recent decline in the number of elephants owing to animal abuse, train accidents, habitat loss, poaching and use in the entertainment industry has called upon the need to take better care for the humane management of elephants.

This is what Geeta Seshmani, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said regarding the opening of the new hospital as reported by Reuters TV,

“I think by building a hospital we are underlining the fact that elephants need welfare measures as much as any other animal.”

The first Elephant and Conservation and Care Centre (ECCC), established by Wildlife SOS in 2010, is currently providing lifetime healthcare for 20 rehabilitated elephants that have been rescued from circuses and elephant captivity where they were subjected to animal abuse and cruelty.

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The hospital close to ECCC is a milestone in the conservation journey.

You can actually catch a glimpse of the modern facilities provided by the hospital and the efforts that are being panned out at earnest to protect the elephants.

Sources: Reuters India, Economic Times, India Today

Image Credits: Google Images

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