Harnidh Kaur, a famous Facebook and Instagram personality has recently been accused of plagiarism by another Facebook and Instagram page.

Harnidh Kaur, for those of you who don’t know, is an internet personality, whose posts on Facebook and Instagram include poetry and written posts mainly about subjects like feminism, positive body image and creating safe spaces for women.

Her achievements include:

  • Published author of 2 books called The Inability of Words and The Ease of Forgetting
  • Is a columnist for The Print and an Analyst for Dasra
  • Has official verified accounts with a sizeable following of almost 25k on Instagram and 20k on Twitter
  • Has given TED Talks at various occasions
  • Also acted as the Indian representative for the 2018 G(irls) 20 Global Summit held in Argentina.
  • Supposedly also benefits from deals and endorsements

Harnidh has been a vocal member on social media and recently even posted screenshots on her Twitter of an anonymous victim speaking about how BCCI’s CEO Rahul Johri was sexually harassing her.

So the recent plagiarism accusation by an account called Sarah/DoYouConsiderYourselfAFeminist (Instagram) or Do You Consider Yourself A feminist: Read & Watch (Facebook) comes as a bit of a surprise.

And so it puts a question mark whether all the financial and professional benefits that Harnidh has gotten from her work are from her own hard work or copied from someone else, thus robbing them of their rightful fame and financial gains.

As for Sarah, she has till now not really shared any concrete proof of Harnidh plagiarizing from her which is making her claims look a bit baseless and false.

What Is The Accusation?

On 20th November, the Facebook page Do You Consider Yourself A feminist: Read & Watch that is allegedly run by the accuser Sarah (last name not known) posted this post.


She then went on a long tirade on her Instagram stories at the account @DoYouConsiderYourselfAFeminist and shared screenshots of people coming into her DMs (direct message) and pointing out that Harnidh was plagiarising her content.

The entire story can be found here:


Sarah then on the same day, posted once more on her Facebook page, about how allegedly Harnidh and her sister had hacked her account. Posting this image, she said that,

“The stealing sisters have hacked my account. I’ve been logged out five times, had to change my password and emails each time I was notified someone in India tried accessing it. Now the password is changed and it wasn’t changed by me and looks like they took my ig down. Imagine doing all this and destroying a community built from the ground up, for the third time in three years, to avoid accountability and not lose your oh so cherished clout and social media cash endorsements. Tf trash”


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Harnidh Kaur Denies All Accusations

Harnidh for her part, has denied all the accusations and is asking for any proof that shows she actually copied someone else’s work.

She tweeted on 21st November 2018 that:

And then later followed it up with:

Why People Are Getting Angry

It seems the reason why a lot of people seem to be angry over the accusation could be all the fame that Harnidh is enjoying due to Sarah’s content.

The fact that there could be a small chance that it was not all original and someone who had actually created that content was not allowed their rightful fame and money is a little alarming.

Some people who have expressed their thoughts on this issue:


But at the same time, it would not be right to start bashing Harnidh based on some PMs that someone has shared without any clear proof of when and where the plagiarism had happened.

What do you all think? Did Harnidh really copy the stuff from someone else? Or is this just Sarah trying to stir up unnecessary drama?

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