By Jayant Singhal

When Central Board of Secondary Education just declared the most awaited paradigm of its results, thousands of students were basking in the joy of such outrageous marks; of course, they had finally proved their mettle.

But the scenario also seems to be digging deep to unearth the scary paradox at the core of the Indian education system and its legacy.

The transition seems to be miraculous, like it was not so long ago when students scoring around 60% marks were considered to have secured division, but nowadays the spill-over of perfect 100s and more than hundred students scoring 100 seems to capsize the whole picture.

Such an extreme of students coming out of colleges in humongous numbers each year, seems to be shaking the spine of labour markets. Excess supply of labour and the problem of adverse selection worsens.

It has become rather difficult for the employers to single out this hidden information problem, implying a miserable situation not only for these perfect scorers due to lack of jobs, but also for themselves.

An unrealistic boost set on the immature junctures propounds a way for a huge downfall in the future. A major chunk of our life depends upon the expectations and reactions that we circulate in between.

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Facing the harsh realities of life would soon hamper most of these students when many amongst them won’t be able to cater to the burgeoning expectations of their parents, teachers, and society by repeating such tremendous chores.

Trend analysis of the CBSE results and universities’ cut-offs have clearly depicted the changed scenario. With a spike in CBSE results, cut-offs for the top-notch institutions have also shot up over the past decade.

Consequently, there are students who are literally exceptional in themselves, but are forced by the situations to detach themselves out from the nexus of these universities and institutions despite being scoring a decent 88% aggregate of marks.

Imagine how does it feel that even after scoring an 88%, you will be left out of getting into a prestigious college because you fall short to clear the cut-off. A complete wastage of abilities and talent just because of the marking system that seems to be going out of the mind of every third person.

Though the quantum of programmes, colleges and universities is mounting with the passage, but experts opine that the lack of quality education is still there. Lack of skill education, corruption, rote-learning methods, greed to pocket huge amounts by the management, and shortage of faculty both in the terms of quality and quantity are amongst the major issues that are playing havoc with the Indian education system.

Students are mustering their score-cards (rather exceptional in the rat-race) without pertaining to the skills that are immensely required to be a part of the productive channelization of energy into the Indian economy.

It’s not bad to be overjoyed at such miraculous (read unbelievable) marksheets, but it’s time to start pondering over the fact if this marking and education system is reflecting the students’ latent talent to their best or not.

Isn’t it the high time to take a call and ring the bell?

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Firstpost 

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