No one would not like to see their money grow over time. Certainly, you are not an exception, and so, investments should be an important component of your financial goals to maximize your wealth.

As an individual, you may have numerous financial aspirations that you would like to realize, and one of the greatest possibilities is to invest your savings in various investment instruments that may help your money grow and allow you to achieve your future objectives.

A money back policy is also quite important, and it is usually suggested to get one since you do not want your family to suffer financial hardship if you are not there in the future.

An Overview of Money Back Policy

You may desire a product that provides the best of both worlds. As a result, a money back policy guarantee is the finest thing you can have for yourself. A money return plan not only offers coverage but also assures that you receive a regular quantity of money to meet your necessities.

You can buy a money back policy for a set period, and you will be forced to pay premiums monthly. If you die, your beneficiary will receive a lump-sum payment known as the death benefit.

You will also get a monthly quantity of money regularly, and when your policy matures, you will receive the total sum guaranteed as well as any bonuses to which you may be eligible. This sort of plan also includes rider or add-on plans, which provide an additional layer of protection.

Who should buy the Money Back Policy?

The money back policy should be purchased by anyone who may require money at regular and defined intervals, such as for their children’s education. Also, the Death Benefit is guaranteed regardless of the amount of Survival Benefits already paid.

Thus, if the Life Insured dies within the policy’s maturity year, even after collecting four Survival Benefits, the nominee will get the complete Sum Assured, not a reduced amount. You can also save money on taxes because premiums paid and money received in installments are free from income tax surcharge.

Reasons to Buy a Money Back Policy

The following are some important reasons why you should consider investing in a money back policy:

1. Survival Advantage

When the insurance is fully paid up, a money return plan will pay you a portion of the sum covered regularly. If you finish the whole insurance term, you will be eligible for maturity benefits as well as any relevant incentives.

2. Premium Rider Waiver

The remaining premiums are waived if the policyholder dies before the insurance term finishes owing to an unforeseen occurrence. This means that the family or candidate won’t have to worry about any additional expenses at a time when they’re already dealing with a lot of emotional and financial stress.

3. Tax Deduction

In addition to other benefits such as the death benefit to which your nominee is entitled in the event of your sudden or accidental death and the maturity benefit to which you may be entitled if you complete the term, you may be able to claim incentives and tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Surcharge Act of 1961.

4. Maturity Advantage

When the plan reaches the policy’s maturity age and the life insured survives the age of maturity, they will be paid a payment equal to the amount pledged plus a simple reversionary bonus and, if applicable, the final bonus.

5. Liquidity

Money return programmes offer the most advantageous quality or facility to help you reach your life and financial objectives. It offers monetary liquidity in the form of monthly payments. This function aids you in attaining your financial goals.

6. Additional Riders

If the life assured wishes to cover elements of their life that are not already covered in the plan from the start, they might choose from a selection of supplementary riders or add-ons. These additional rides are tax-deductible as well.

7. Offers sum assured

In the event of an unfavorable occurrence, the insurance provider pays out a lump sum payment to the plan’s nominee as the sum guaranteed. This sum can be used to pay a variety of expenditures for your loved ones, allowing them to go about their lives with financial security.

On the other side, if the insurance term is completed, the insurer pays you survival benefits at maturity. This can assist you in achieving future financial objectives like your dream home, your child’s education, retirement, and much more.

8. Comes with a low-profile risk

Other financial products, such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, equities, and so on, are influenced by market volatility. A money back policy provides you with guaranteed1 returns at regular times. Such programmes are trustworthy and hassle-free due to the monthly income and insurance coverage.

If you like to retain a low-risk appetite, this might be a good option for you. A money back policy enables you to mitigate risk in your portfolio. They may be used to diversify your assets and build a well-balanced portfolio of volatile and non-volatile instruments.

Wrapping It Up

Most of us want to invest in a traditional life insurance policy for a long period to develop a guaranteed corpus. However, there is a problem if we need money before the semester is through. A financial disaster might occur at any time, and we’ll need money to deal with it. A standard life insurance policy, on the other hand, is meaningless if the policy’s term has not ended. We might be able to acquire a loan, but the amount is likely to be limited.

A money back policy may be useful in times of need. With decreased risk and Guaranteed Payouts, you may be certain that your family is protected whether you are present or not. To summarize, a money back policy is the best investment option since it provides numerous efficient benefits such as the survival benefit, maturity benefit, income tax surcharge benefit, death benefit, and other riders that can help you in times of need.


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