Bullet Rani a.k.a. R Rohini from Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu has gained popularity as her video of doing a test drive on a Royal Enfield Bullet has gone viral in social media.

She has been working as a mechanic in her father’s garage since 2008.

The 24-year-old is an inspiration to the women around her as she earns through a highly unconventional job for women. Who could imagine a women test driving a bullet and repairing it too!

Rohini is in the news now for all the right reasons. Hailing from the small temple town of Kumbakonam, she is also a survivor of two major accidents.

The first accident left her education incomplete after which she began helping her father out. Her father J Ravi is proud of his daughter and does not regard such jobs unfit for women.

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Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India News, The Hindu, Chennai First + more

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