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When was the first time someone asked you what you wanted to become? Recently, someone asked me what my dream is. When I was a kid, I used to say random things I was interested in at that point.

Some day, I wanted to become a scientist, then some other day, I wanted to become an actress. 

But these were not my “dreams” or something I really wanted. What is your goal in life? What do you want to become? What have you planned for the future? These were some questions that I always tried to avoid. 

Not Having Everything Planned Out

I have always said that I do not quite believe in having a dream. I do things that I love to do now, and I pour my whole energy into it. That “thing” for me can be anything, literally, anything!

All this leads to one thing, and that one thing leads me to hundreds of new doors. 

One day my seventh-grade English teacher was asking everyone what they wanted to do when they grow up. I asked my then-best friend what she wanted to do, and she said she wanted to become a teacher (I hope she still wants to).

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I was surprised, and I thought maybe I am the only one who did not have a dream. I got anxious, and that’s when I started looking for my goal, my dream. I also started planning everything out, but nothing ever worked.

Funnily enough, I still haven’t figured it out! But I have discovered hundreds of things I never thought I would be able to do, like writing an article or speaking another language.

This way, I am not worried about what’s next, but I am happy with my now. Maybe somewhere in my heart, I do have a goal. I want to live in a small town in Japan. 

What if this changes in a few years? Who knows! For now, I am looking for what life brings me next.

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