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Art in any form while watching or creating, reduces stress and releases endorphins which helps each one of us to combat life. Painting is my dopamine. It’s therapeutic and meditative for me. It’s ineffable in words but when I sit with my blank canvas, colours and brushes it exhilarates me. The ability to create my world makes me feel powerful, also the feeling to know that you can manipulate it, is invigorating. 

What I Love About Painting? 

Creating art is rewarding. It’s giving life to something from within oneself, something that is yours, that you can share with the world only if you want to. I feel like submitting my soul to the paper. I generally do not plan anything while drawing. I never draw a small sketch to see what the outcome will be. I always go with the flow. The thrill of the end product intrigues me. 

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Let The World Not Compartmentalise Art 

There are people who think that art should only be made by genetically talented people but I do not believe in that. I feel each and everyone of us are creative and if paint, brushes and a blank sheet of paper makes us happy then we should just jump right to it. Art is what you make of it. It has no constraints. 

While I spend those long hours alone with my canvas, I find myself free from overthinking, anxiety, and stress. Painting helps me deal with my life and the challenges that come with it. It makes my life a tad bit easier and helps my personal development.  

When I engross myself into art my mind starts churning images, ideas, thoughts and helps me deal with my surroundings in a positive way. 

Painting or any form of art, in general, is the ultimate mental boost one can ever experience in life. 

Floral art- pencil colours
Turmoil- Ink art
Thermal art- pencil colours

What Art Means To Me? 

I don’t want to make a living out of painting. I do not want to monetize it. Instead, I focus more on expressing myself. If I can turn it into a side gig, that would be super cool. But for now I am exploring new ideas, new techniques, and new art forms. I am surfing through the sea of art trying to develop my style.

 For me art has no boundaries, I never choose a colour palette, texture or line I let my soul do its job, it has become a form of conversing with myself. I do not know if I make sense when I say that through painting, I talk to myself, but that’s the only way I can describe it. 

Through art I understand myself. I find myself through art whenever I feel lost. It’s home for me. In one word it’s peace. (All the above artworks are my creations.)

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