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Easter, the principal festival of the Christian church, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day, after his Crucifixion

How Is The Date Determined?

The Easter observance date has always been a great debate, as there are no sufficient records of the exact date of Jesus’ resurrection. 

The Eastern Church wanted to observe Easter on a weekday, as early Christians observed as Passover annually, the month based on the lunar calendar. But, the Western Church wanted Easter to be on a Sunday regardless of the date.

Bunny and Easter Eggs

Why Does It Change Annually?

According to a Fourth Century ruling, the date of Easter is the first Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first Full Moon of spring, occurring around the equinox.

The main reason for this disparity lies in the fact that Western Church follows the old Julian calendar while the Orthodox Church abides by the Gregorian. Catholic churches converted the originally Julian-based date of Easter into a Gregorian date.

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Happy easter!

How Is It Celebrated?

Easter marks the completion of Lent (a 40-day period of prayer, penance, and fasting). Church services vary in traditions, depending upon the denomination and style of worship.

They incorporate festive music, decorate their worship spaces with Easter lilies or special liturgical banners. Some celebrate Holy Communion, while others observe, sacrament of baptism.

The egg signifies new life. In many places, people decorate hard-boiled eggs as part of their celebrations. Children search for hidden decorated eggs throughout their homes or gardens and relish them later that day.

 Dinner with family marks the ultimate celebration of this festival. Last but not the least, my favorite part is having chocolate coated and gummy bunny-filled easter eggs for dessert. 

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