Watch: Will Slam Poetry Define The Literature & Legacy Of Our Generation?

Literature through the ages has witnessed a gradual shift from long tedious texts to audio books; from an era of drama to the age of Tik-Tok. 

The 21st century can also be called as the electronic age due to the dominance of technology and the emergence of electronic gadget that has influenced the forms and propagation of literature during the era.

Check out the video to see the legacy of literature we are leaving behind for generations to follow.

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History would remember the 21st century for its genius in communication.  Slam poetry and illustrations are a new way to connect to the lovers of literature.

Slam poetry has reached its peak with the rise in popularity of open mics and an increase in viewership of YouTube.

However, the literature of our age goes way beyond slam poetry and illustrations. The propagation of literature and art has also been contributed by our desire for ‘Netflix and Chill!’ and our forever obsession with sci-fi.

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