After being in this fandom for more than 2 years, I can happily say I am here to stay forever. Like many relatively new ARMY, I too regret not stanning them since the beginning but there is a saying that you find things when you are destined to.

And it sure is my destiny to pledge allegiance to BTS and this family.

I know all this sounds dramatic and an issue of grave importance but all jokes aside, I have loved every moment of being a fan of this 7 member pop group and all through this journey I have grown and learned a lot.

So, without further ado, let me tell you the things I have learned from BTS.

1. JIN

Ever had that time when you just give in to what every other person comments about you? And have absolutely zero confidence? Zilch. I had that time too. I love eating, something that is common between me and Kim Seok Jin.

And it is him, who has taught me that I should eat whatever I like and should cherish and enjoy every bite I take. I still remember his VLive where he told us to get our own food.

Of course, I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle too but it is because of him that I have learned to accept my absolute love for food.

Gotta get me that Korean fried chicken!

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Never have I ever related to any other thing than Min Yoon Gi’s “I wish to be a rock in next life.” He has taught me how to be chill and control my emotions. And also, how to handle situations.

In plenty of situations when I have an argument, I do what Yoon Gi does. I hold the person’s hand and just breathe through it. Also, his ability to be caring yet indifferent is really something I want to learn.

3. RM

Now there are a lot of things one might learn from the world’s greatest leader but I, in particular, picked up his habit of being a nature enthusiast. Since childhood, I was always keen on observing and appreciating nature and seeing him being so sensitive towards the same moves me.

I know I am not the only one who went to Andaman beaches and collected little crabs as a remembrance to Mr. Kim Nam Joon. I have learned to appreciate nature around me as well as to see it from a different perspective. And it sure is beautiful.


The best thing about Jung Ho Seok is that he likes being himself. He is immune to judgements and doesn’t let others affect his mood. He knows how to make himself happy and also lift up others.

Even though people have nagged about his “sound effect” making habit, he has never stopped doing it. And I absolutely love that about him.

I have a habit of singing when I am happy and if people tell me to stop, I quietly hum to myself. I refuse to deny myself little moments of happiness I deserve, thanks to Hobi.


His habit of always disarming others with his charm is what I wish to learn. He has the absolute tendency to make people around him feel loved and cherished. I have learned of giving love and being kind.

Apart from that, I am usually late to start studying so now whenever I am, I say to myself that “I am Jimin today.” LOL. Also, it is kind of annoying but I have started to push back my hair a lot. THANKS, CHIMCHIM.

6. V/ Tae Hyung

The aesthetic-ness that oozes from Kim Tae Hyung or V (as is his stage name) is something worth admiring.  I love how he is so artistic. Because of him, I have started learning about different artists like Van Gogh, his absolute favourite.

The song 4 o’ clock is a great inspiration for me and I have written few poems around it. He has taught me the importance of incorporating art into our daily lives with our own unique interpretations and imagination.


Oh, what is not to learn from our absolute golden maknae Jeon Jung Kook. He is one of the most productive and crackhead 20-year-old I have ever seen. His habit of always trying new things is what I have picked from him.

He puts his absolute best in whatever he does and is very competitive. Something I can strongly relate to. He has always wanted to learn English and recently he has been studying very hard and following his footsteps I too have started learning a new language: French.

There are so many aspects of the members and there is each for every one of us to learn from. They have added so much into my life and made a difference and I am sure many ARMYs can relate to this.

The most important thing I learned from them as a whole is the way they cherish their friendship and always try to love themselves for who they are.

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  1. I love this great post. I’m a huge Kpop lover and was a great Kpop Lover from 5 years.
    my girlfriend and I listen to every one of Korea song, and BTS and 2NE1 are
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