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In the world of television, where countless new shows are constantly vying for our attention, there’s something oddly comforting about revisiting old favorites. For me, one such favorite is the hilarious and heartwarming sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Despite having seen every episode multiple times, I find myself returning to the Nine-Nine precinct time and time again.

Why do I watch the same show over and over again? 

The Familiarity Factor

One of the primary reasons I keep rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the sense of familiarity it provides. There’s a certain comfort in knowing exactly what’s going to happen next, in seeing the characters I’ve grown to love face their quirky challenges and celebrate their triumphs. The predictability of the show allows me to unwind and relax, much like returning to a cozy childhood bedtime story.

The Joy of Inside Jokes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a treasure trove of inside jokes and running gags. Whether it’s Jake’s obsession with Die Hard, Captain Holt’s deadpan humor, or Terry’s yogurt addiction, these recurring elements create a sense of connection between the show and its audience.

Rewatching the series allows me to pick up on subtle nuances and hidden references I may have missed during previous viewings, deepening my appreciation for the show’s clever writing.

Character Development

Despite being a comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine excels in character development. Over its eight-season run, the characters grow, change, and face various personal and professional challenges.

Witnessing their journeys and evolution is both heartwarming and inspiring. Revisiting the show allows me to appreciate the character arcs even more and notice the subtle nuances in their development.

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The Feel-Good Factor

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is known for its feel-good, positive vibes. The show tackles important social issues while maintaining its signature lightheartedness.

It’s a series that makes you laugh, cry, and reflect on real-life issues—all within the span of a single episode. In today’s often stressful and tumultuous world, the comforting and optimistic tone of the show provides a much-needed respite.


Life can be demanding and stressful, and sometimes we all need an escape. Brooklyn Nine-Nine offers the perfect getaway from the pressures of everyday life. Watching Jake Peralta and his team solve absurd crimes, navigate hilarious situations, and form deep friendships is like a mini-vacation for my mind. It’s a world where the most important thing is to enjoy the ride.

So, why do I watch the same show over and over again? Because every time I enter the wacky world of the Nine-Nine precinct, it feels like coming home. It’s a place where I can laugh, learn, and unwind, all while surrounded by the hilarious and endearing characters who make Brooklyn Nine-Nine an enduring favorite.

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