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I’m 20 and I can’t remember a single time I told my parents about my emotional breakdowns, relationship problems, or even the silly fights I had with my school or college friends. I’ve tried to open up to them not once but several times, but somehow I couldn’t.

Netflix Vs. Indian Parents

Turns out life is very different from what you see in movies and television dramas, especially if you’re dealing with Indian parents. Every mother is not like “Georgia” from the famous Netflix series “Ginny and Georgia.”

Indian parents often do not understand concepts like respecting boundaries, privacy, the importance of mental health, having open conversations about sex education, teen dating, and many more.

As a result, it becomes difficult to discuss our traumas and emotional troubles with them. We start hiding things from them, like breakups, mark sheets, house parties, and other activities.

We Fear Being Judged

In my adolescence, I had my fair share of experiences and problems like any other normal teenager, but I do not remember my parents playing any role in such situations. Even if they got to know about any such situations, they have only made it worse by imposing all the blame on me and making me feel guilty for everything.

We hesitate to share significant details about our personal lives with our parents, fearing that they might judge us and, most importantly, they might put an end to all our fun and freedom. We do not want to upset them. So we often lie to our parents about our activities and private lives as we grow up.

I understand that parents too want to feel involved in the lives of their children, but they do not create an atmosphere for us where we can freely and candidly share our emotions and experiences with them. We hold back from asking for our parents’ help in difficult situations and end up making the wrong decisions. We cannot talk to them as openly as we do with our friends and partners.

We are scared of how our parents will react when they learn about certain situations we end up in. Sometimes, it also becomes uncomfortable for children to initiate regular conversations with their parents. We feel hesitant about trusting them, even though they are the most important people in our lives.

This leads to a huge emotional gap between parents and children. Children begin to distance themselves from their guardians, and in the name of independence, they tend to completely emancipate from their parents by the time they become adults. Sometimes we also feel our parents have too much on their plates and we must not burden them with our troubles.

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Communication Is Always The Key

Communication is the most crucial and healthy tool in any and every relationship. But at the same time, a safe and comfortable environment needs to be built for everyone to be able to communicate their true feelings.

In my opinion, parents should create a healthy environment for us to feel allowed to share our achievements and downfalls with them. They must make sure that it is a safe space for their children to talk about anything they want or anything going on in their lives. Our parents need to trust us so that we can also trust our parents in turn.

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