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Fitness freaks are those super enthusiastic exercise lovers – you know, the ones who really, really care about getting strong and eating super healthy. But, I have to be honest, I think all the excitement about being a fitness expert is a little too crazy.

Imagine it’s super early in the morning, and I’m wearing really bright workout clothes. I’m going to the gym, all serious and determined, because people say it’s good for “gains” and “shredding.” But as I walk by a bakery with yummy-smelling croissants, I wonder, “Does anyone else find this a bit crazy?”

They have these routines that seem like secret dances, with jumping, squatting, and lifting heavy things. They even have special days for working on their leg muscles – can you believe that? And don’t even get me started on “burpees.” They sound like something a robot might try, not a workout! I’d rather do a fun dance for an hour.

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Instead of enjoying pizza or burgers, they like things like gluten-free vegan protein powder. I mean, who wants to eat something that sounds like it’s from outer space? I’ll stick to my regular meals, thank you.

And have you seen their pictures on social media? It’s like a show-off contest with super strong bodies and big muscles. Being fit is cool, but sometimes it feels like they’re trying too hard. I’d rather just be happy and healthy without needing to show off to everyone.

It’s great if people love being super into fitness, but I prefer regular food and simple exercises. Life is too short to stress about having the perfect body. Let’s just enjoy being ourselves and have a good laugh along the way!

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