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Elections are around the corner. Parties have started campaigning, manipulating people in the name of religion, caste, and creed, and when this isn’t enough, blatant violation of the Election’s model code of conduct isn’t avoided. 

Whenever I venture out, I see broad posters of election candidates wishing people New Year. In other banners, there is a list of promises that are mentioned to lure voters. However, as soon as I reach home and switch on the television, I cannot help but get overwhelmed by the increasing number of COVID cases. 

Isn’t there a contrast? Outside the doors of the house, we see the smiling faces of politicians rejoicing about elections but as soon as I am indoors, I see the crying faces of families of those who are suffering from this dangerous, life-threatening disease.

And because of all this, despite being an adult and a voter in the previous elections, I don’t want to vote in the upcoming elections.

In the previous, mega wave of COVID-19, when so many Indian households lost their loved ones, I was equally affected. I lost the man who was dearest to me, my father.

I learned everything, from walking to political analysis, from him. And it is because of his teaching that I can understand the pathetic position of the Indian system at present. 

We have no candidates who are good enough to make it to the proverbial throne. Whether it’s BJP, Congress, BSP, or SP, every party is presenting underwhelming candidates. They have no merit and have done nothing in times of crisis.

Yes, I am talking about the same times of COVID-19 last year in April and May, when these leaders were busy making plans for the elections in West Bengal.

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Voting feels more like a chore than an actual expression of my willingness to elect a candidate. This is because there is no candidate good enough to earn my vote.

No one has worked in the past five years, COVID handling was a disaster, and over and above this, none of these leaders has taken a stance to postpone the elections or at least follow COVID-19 guidelines as we are met with another wave of the pandemic.

As a young member of the Indian democracy, I am saddened by the state of affairs and the choices offered. I don’t see any parties working towards making India a better place, and individual candidates are also not doing anything to make their constituencies better.

This election, I might not go to vote. I’d rather contribute that time towards learning something or helping someone who hasn’t been helped by the candidates they chose with utmost faith and hope. 

However, despite my reluctance to vote, I do hope against hope that this time, we see better candidates being elected, or should I say that we see the existing candidate working the way they should.

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