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“Live for yourself and you will live in vain. Live for others and you will live again.”

–  Bob Marley

Doing something for someone else

I don’t regret saying that in today’s time, the world has grown more selfish than it ever was. Not only do people lack the willingness to help others but they take it a step forward – they go to the extent of harming others for the sake of their ulterior motives and I just wonder “how?”

And that’s why through this piece, I want to talk about why doing something for someone else gives you the joy you will never ever get by doing something for yourself.

Maybe it’s because of the values my mom and dad have imbibed in me or because I just am the way I am, I can never have the heart to look away when somebody genuinely needs help or is in some kind of pain or trouble.

You might call it being super sensitive but I would seriously prefer this than being heartless altogether.

Here I’ll narrate one incident that will help you known exactly how crazy my sensitive heart is:

Months ago I befriended a stray dog roaming around near my place. He was super-friendly and totally adorable but he was a stray after all. One day I saw him all beaten up because apparently some “really great soul” hit him pretty badly.

After taking a look at his wound and cursing the guy who did it, without thinking twice, I ran over to my place to get first aid and cleaned his wound so that he doesn’t get any fleece.

I swear you guys, that day I felt like I actually did something worthwhile. I felt so proud that I ran back home and narrated the incident to every single person especially my dad from whom I have actually learnt to never back down from helping someone in need.

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Hold on here: There will be times when you will not always be acknowledged for what you did for others but don’t ever regret helping somebody just because you didn’t get the “appreciation” you deserved for it.

That dog I helped, he bit me unintentionally two weeks later while playing with me but did that made me regret the decision of helping him? NO! He’s an animal, he doesn’t know any better!

Doing something for someone else
Continue to give even if you don’t have much

Trust me all this accolade is superficial but the feeling you get after doing something for someone else gets embedded deep inside your heart and makes it all the more warm.

And warm hearts is what this world needs in this day and age when governments are seen bombing their own people, where hatred for one another has gotten the best of us.

So now I have made a resolution to do something that makes someone smile every single day, no matter where I am.

Will you also consider taking this resolution and fill your life and the world with warmth and happiness? Because, guys, it’s worth it!

Signing off with a quote from John Bunyan:

“You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

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Images Source: Google Images

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