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When news came out that Starbucks would finally be opening in India all those years back, I was genuinely happy about it.

Having had coffee from Starbucks before while travelling out of the country, I had a good experience with them for the most part and felt that they would be a good addition for us coffee enthusiasts in India.

But after having gone at the various Delhi outlets over the years, I will fully and wholly take back my words and declare that Starbucks is totally worthless.

From the overpriced coffee, I mean over 250 rupees for a freaking medium-sized coffee to their just bad desserts and average sandwiches, everything are things I can get for much less at a smaller establishment and for a better quality.

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The thing that really irritates though is the kind of drop in quality that I saw in Starbucks India, I mean, believe me, the coffee is nowhere as good as it was in New York or even Hong Kong.

Starbucks coffee is just plain bad, and I can get much better at the local Sagar Ratna than going all the way to Starbucks.

Also, something I am unable to understand is the kind of hype that I see people still give to Starbucks just because of the status brownie points it gives you.

I mean, a lot of the times it just feels that people want to utter the sentence ‘let’s go to Starbucks’ as if it will give them a very cool and hip image, when it really doesn’t warrant that.

At this point, Starbucks is just something that is too over-hyped and people really need to calm down of their excitement over it.

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