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Okay first things first, what is up with foreign teenagers? Secondly, what’s up with their high schools? Are their schools really this cool or is it just Netflix hyping them up for their shows? I just have way too many questions. 

The thing that bugs me the most is the amount of freedom they get, be it at school or at home. I can never watch a foreign college romance series and not think about how chill their lives are. They actually get to enjoy their high school, go on school trips, house parties, are allowed to work part-time, and have that whole independent feel. 

Over here, if I even accidentally ask my mother, can I work part-time, the emotional atyachaar she will put me through is unexplainable. Indian parents think if their kid is working people will assume they are not earning enough and not providing for the kid. And yes, that is what society is like here. 

Prom night

Their prom night is the thing I am most jealous of. In the name of prom, I received a farewell party where I had to contribute Rs. 50 for my OWN farewell.

Dressing up, having your date pick you up from the house, parents clicking pictures of the two of you, all this is just a dream in India or you are watching a Karan Johar film.  

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Whenever I watch a teenager leaving their house at 2-3 o’clock at night to surprise their boyfriend/girlfriend or they are coming back from a party this late all I can think of is “inke ghar pe mummy papa nhi hai kya?” 

And night-outs, such a casual thing. They are like “Hey mom, I won’t be coming home tonight, don’t wait up”. And their mom is “cool”

Cool?! COOL?!!! If I pull a stunt like this my mother will throw 1000 questions at me, I being a good human being will answer each one of them just to hear NO. Just say this straight up, she didn’t have to play me like this. 

And how can I forget about uniforms? Oh, wait, they never wore those. Casual clothes, crop tops, cool t-shirts, shorts, that’s what kids wore to high school. My school allowed casual wear only on birthdays and even that stopped after the 7th grade.

Uniform, what’s that?

I didn’t even get this luxury as my birthday falls during the summer break. The thing I most wanted after watching these shows was a locker. My own personal little space where I could dump all my things. And most importantly save my tiffin from my friends. 

Pretty little lockers

But all in all high school shows are fun to watch. Makes me a little jealous but still fun. 

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