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Wake up. Hit the snooze button. Then sleep again till the evening. This is what a typical Sunday goes like for most of us.

But there are some brave souls who get up at 7 in the morning, take a metro or cab, reach office and submerge themselves into the never-ending pool of files. Yeah, there are people who work on Sunday.

Poor souls. They are the marginalized strata of the society, stripped of the basic right of one holiday per week.

When all their friends are recovering from the hangover from the previous night, Sunday workers are actually cursing their office and wishing that the office building is suddenly engulfed by Satan. 

My father has been working on Sundays for the past two months and let me tell you that every Sunday I get to hear a new cuss word from him, rightfully directed towards his working place.

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A survey revealed that workers have such a low productivity on Sunday, that even if you offered them crores of Rupees, they will still prefer to doze off in their bed.

For all the people working on Sunday, you have my sympathies. You are the heroes our country needs and deserves. Because if you can work on a Sunday, feeding on a combination of coffee and energy drink, then you can literally do anything.


Well if we start to look more closely, we find that working a few hours on Sunday can actually give a good start to your week.

Your Monday morning won’t be bombarded with loads of emails and workload because you would have handled them already on Sunday. Thus, you would save yourself from sulking in bed due to Monday morning blues.

Also the bonus you would be getting for working your ass off would pretty much cover up for all your Sunday grind.

And if you are the type of person who forever curses the traffic, the commute to your workplace on a Sunday would be as smooth as a breeze.

So, Sunday workers, don’t be stressed that your “Saturday night party night” life has gone for a toss. While a working Sunday may have loads of woes, it surely comes with some little perks of its own.

Enjoy your working Sunday (if you may) and get ready to rumble. That’s the only condolences we can provide.

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