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This time’s breakfast babble is going to be about the most elite fruit ever, AVOCADOS because I certainly can not tolerate them in my actual breakfast. Yes, you heard that right, these mushy little green monsters have ruined toasts since eternity.

Avocados are put in by fancy restaurants in almost every dish and literally forced down our throats. Not to forget, they’re forced on the bill as well.  They cost a fortune and have a very small window until which you can consume them.

After that, they go stale and rotten, so the eateries decide to put them in everything in order to get done with them. Maybe it is time you should get done with them too.

The fruit has a nasty texture to it which leaves a weird taste in one’s mouth. It is oily, slimy and hard to chew. Also, this elite fruit has less to offer, there’s only a little flesh in them that one can consume.

Holy Guac! The fruit is hard to crack.

I hate how all the YouTubers shamelessly promote the fruit. Like SIS, I can not afford to eat smashed avocados on crisp toasts seasoned with pepper.

Every fitness recipe that you recommend has this expensive fruit, which of course will make me lose weight because I won’t be able to afford other meals afterward.

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The fruit is not only famous on youtube but has made its place on our Instagram feeds as well. No one eats the fruit in peace without uploading an aesthetic foodgasm post.

One has to click a picture every time just to prove to the world that one is a fitness enthusiast enough.  It is pitiful to see these green monsters lurking on my feed. STOP.

Millennial obsession with the fruit is so real, that an Australian real estate magnate, Tim Gurner, advised the millennials to stop spending so much on the fruit if they wish to own a house someday. Like, this fruit is now making people hit ‘Guac Bottom’, this is avo crisis indeed.

If you are someone who is investing in this bland fruit, due to the recommendation of some fitness blogger, it is time that to reconsider your choices. As for me, I’ll always hate them, so I am going to be a millionaire soon. Bravocado!

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