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As a school kid, when someone mentioned the word ‘college’ to me, I used to dream of a bunch of adults hanging out at their college canteen all day, sharing food and laughs together.

As a college-going adult today, that idea is almost funny now. We are neither a ‘happy’ bunch nor do we hang out at our college canteen all the time. In fact, if you ask me personally, I can’t remember the last time I went to my college canteen.

college canteen

Yes, it is that bad. From cold aloo patties to super-oily macaroni, there is hardly anything that I’d recommend anyone to try from my college canteen. As for drinks, maybe except for a decent ice tea, there is nothing that is worth trying.

I am a Delhi University (DU) student, and as fancy as it sounds to the ones not studying in DU, we’ve got to admit that at the end of the day, it is a government-managed University and one has to compromise somewhere.

That is not to say that all canteens in DU are bad. Some of them are really good, like that of Hindu College as well as Sri Venkateswara College. There must be a few more, I’m pretty sure.

college canteen

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However, largely most DU colleges have poorly-maintained canteens that don’t meet the modern standards of today.

Even if I forget about food for a moment (which isn’t an easy thing to do in the first place), my college canteen isn’t even a half decent hangout place. With a few steel benches that are always occupied and just four fans, you wouldn’t want to step inside our canteen for a minute.

Such is the state that the college canteen has almost become non-existent for me.

However, it doesn’t mean that we starve in college or don’t hangout with friends. With Select CityWalk barely a kilometer away, you’d find students from our college almost all the time there.

It’s a trade-off that I’d happily take, although I wish our college canteen served food worth eating. It is funny how I am ranting about my college canteen for ‘breakfast’ babble, but when your college canteen is as bad as mine, you’d forget me, wouldn’t you?

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