This is the age of the internet and of travel, food and all other sorts of bloggers! One of the peculiar things that I recently noticed about food bloggers was their feeds full of random fusion food!

Before I continue with my early morning rant over a cuppa coffee, Breakfast Babble is ED’s own little space on the inter-webs where we gather to discuss ideas and get pumped up for the day. We judge things too. Sometimes. Always. Whatever, call it catharsis and join in people.

So, coming back to my rant session. By fusion food, I mean mixing cuisines or weird flavours to come up with a unique dish/flavour.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all up for trying different kinds of food and cuisines. My problem is millennials blowing this trend way out of proportion.

I mean what is chocolate pizza and dosa? Who the hell likes spicy ingredients in their ice-cream and weird ass sweetness in their burgers and pizzas?


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For once, I’d like to visit a cafe or an eatery with not so weird fancy fusion food on their menu. I don’t know what are these places and food bloggers thinking?

It’s one thing making money by praising bad food and other, calling such food “creativity” & “food invention”.


Call me old school all you want but I like my food as food and not as “smoked bread with chocolate paste garnished with peri-peri spice, served with marinated sugar coated beans”.


~End Rant~

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