Food companies often try and experiment with their brand, coming out with different flavours and looks to offer something new to the customer.

Most of the times, the new flavours are in the usual category of strawberry, chocolate, coffee, etc. But some of them go really deep end and bring out something truly unique and weird that we would have never thought of.

Oreo for that matter is doing something similar by bringing out 2 new flavours: wasabi and hot chicken wing.

Really Out Of The Box

On 22nd August 2018, Mondelez International, that is the parent company of the Oreo brand unveiled their newest flavours of wasabi and hot chicken wing.

Termed as ‘innovation sensation’ the pictures featured bold and bright colours with the wasabi cookie featuring vibrant green filing while the hot chicken wing one having orange filling.

Currently only available in China, the announcement definitely had social media abuzz with varying reaction.

This is not the only time Oreo has gone a bit crazy with trying out new flavours, previously too they have experimented with Cherry Cola flavours, Blueberry pie, popping candy, kettle corn, pina colada, Swedish fish, cake batter, cotton candy, pumpkin spice and more.

A lot of the people on social media are either getting disgusted or taking it like a prank where they don’t think the company is being serious.

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But, there was another reason to launch such strange kinds of flavours and as per the VP of Corporate and Government Affairs, Yue Fu, it was to break the stereotype that ‘Oreos must be sweet’.

Also, as stated by Fu, spicy flavours are currently popular with young customers, “During our market research, we learned that savory and spicy avors in China’s snacks industry are avors with big potential.”

He then said that, “These two flavors will get young people’s attention and be sought after for their novelty and unusualness. As such, there will be naturally formed social buzz and driven purchases.”

And he was right about the social buzz, because people are definitely talking about the new flavours.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: CNN, ABC, The Independent

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