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Reaching the 20th milestone in anyone’s life is marked with fantastic celebration and oomph concerning how the age is the moment of revelation in any individual’s life. The marked transition from teenager to adulthood is illustrated as fairly transformative for any individual in their lifetime.

However, the need for a change in surroundings isn’t spoken about enough. Thus, changing my city at the ripe young age of 20 has opened a couple of floodgates that have changed my life, in absolute totality. 

It Lets You Attain Freedom

Until and unless a person gets to enjoy the company of themselves without a singular familiar face around, they can never call themselves truly free. In a sense, more often than not, it is the manacle of familiarity that restricts a person’s growth.

Thus, the moment one chooses to go beyond the familiarity that has been set in stone, they get introduced to another dimension of their being. From doing your own household chores to setting reminders for the minutest of tasks, like waking up by your own self (I know, it’s the worst).

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It Lets You Explore

The very fact of being in a new city in itself should be ample reason to get someone to leave their familiar spaces behind and observe everything that a new city has to offer. 

Be it a city, town, or village, a place that is a stranger to you will always stay to entice and ensnare the senses in ways that one would never imagine. Furthermore, it is through surmountable freedom that one can go around checking the new place out at your own pace with no one to stop you or say no. You become your own person through and through.

Hence, if you haven’t realized yet, know that becoming free has no expiry date. Our entire life is spent on finding our own sense and the idea of freedom, without which we cease to be humans ourselves. 

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