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I am sure you all agree that Indian parents are one of a kind. Although you love them more than anyone, there are certain things which you just can’t tolerate.

But one particular thing apart from those 1,000 things that annoy me is the fact that my parents have done all sorts of crazy things when they were our age but seem to get mad when we do the same (or even slightly the same).

To name one instance, my dad would talk about how he used to party all night long during college days, how he and his friends used to travel to places without even having a bus ticket and how all of this was so normal.

But when the same situation comes to us, they go all protective and restrictive which after a certain limit is very annoying.

The most hilarious thing is that they would scold you for certain things like keeping your room clean, always mentioning that you are a grown-up. This makes me wonder where “you are a grown-up” goes when it comes to certain things?

My parent’s reaction when I tell them something…

Indian parents, please don’t be over-protective

Indian parents seem to showcase their wonderful sense of prediction. They seem to think all the wrong in this world is going to happen with their child.

Well, one of my family-friends is 28 and his parents seemed to think he is “crazy” (yeah, that’s what they said) when he mentioned that he wanted to live on his own. What was more hilarious, was the fact that his dad had himself stayed alone for a large part of his life.

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Also, this is a reason why millennial kids are not open with their parents, which our parents expect us to be.

Also there is this big stigma when it comes to drinking with our Indian parents. One of my friends, whose parents drink, don’t allow her to even after she has turned 21. They say “there is a time for everything”.

Why do they act like this?

I guess, where parents go wrong is thinking that we need someone to make our decisions and that’s them. They don’t understand that those crazy things which they did, they did it by making decisions on their own and that is something even we can do perfectly.

The best weapon they have with themselves is “but this is the best for you” while some might just say “keh diya na, bas keh diya”, which leaves very little room to argue.

What I find useful is taking my stand and start speaking for myself and that is something that has always turned out to be successful.

Of course, they want the best for you, but it is finally up to you how you want to live your life on your own terms.

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