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Overthinking. A disease that rots our brain consumes our energy, pulls our confidence down and makes us go through sleepless nights. 

This issue has been with me for so long, that it has become a part of my personality now. And I am fed up with it. So is everyone who is going through it. 

It is an involuntary process that takes place especially when you have something important to do. My brain starts thinking of why hasn’t someone replied to my texts for so long, whenever I have an exam the next day and need to give my all to my studies. As soon as my exams are over, my brain forgets how to overthink. 

Overthinkers are the super sensitive creatures in the universe. They’ll think about everything, every possibility, every worst-case scenario that could happen, in just a span of a few minutes. They might be overthinking while speaking to you, wondering if you are enjoying their company or not or whether you are feeling that they are not making any sense. 

The most likely question from the calm and peaceful people would be, “What do you guys overthink about?” We overthink about why we are overthinking and ruining our mental peace ourselves. 

After returning from a party or hanging out with friends, we think about whether we said something stupid. What if they don’t like me now? What if they never hang out with me again? I should have kept quiet. 

The shower is the best place for overthinking. Our mind takes us to a scenario we faced a decade ago when we embarrassed ourselves in front of someone. Oh God, the cringe feeling that comes after that could easily lock you inside your room forever and never go out in public.

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We overthinkers care about others more than we care about ourselves. Every action we do, every word we speak replays in our minds at least twice and makes us think “Did I hurt the person?” “What must they be thinking about me?” “Why aren’t they replying to my call, are they angry with me?” “Did I do something to make them angry?” And the list is never-ending. 

The weird part is that we tend to overthink and blame ourselves when others hurt us. “What did I do to deserve this?” “I think there’s something wrong with me!” “I shouldn’t have disagreed, I should apologise to them.” 

Saying NO is our worst fear because we know that we are going to overthink later about whether we made the person feel bad. 

Overthinking is a very serious problem. It messes up the victim’s mind and makes them feel vulnerable, sad and unworthy. Now that we are finally taking mental health seriously, we definitely must give this problem the emphasis it needs. 

The solution to get yourself out of it is communication. It is better to talk it out about whatever is bothering you, if possible, to the concerned person, so that you do not make assumptions and ruin your relationships.  

You should be all ears when your friend or sibling is blabbering the same. Taking out time and listening to them for a maximum of 30 minutes would do wonders for them. Doesn’t it feel amazing to just think about us making someone else feel calm, and peaceful and pulling away their anxiety, by just listening to them? It feels even more amazing when you do it. 

My fellow overthinkers, it is okay to make yourself a priority. It is okay to say “no”. You have the right to do so. You do not need to overthink your existence and make yourself crazy via your thoughts. It is easier said than done and sometimes this overthinking does make you feel incapacitated. 

The fact that you have to do something, and you’re procrastinating it by overthinking about when and how will you do it, how will you manage it, whether you’ll be able to do it or not or what if you’re not able to ace it; will just make you feel dizzy. So calm yourself down, take a five-minute break and get things sorted in your head. You do not need to fight with yourself. 

Is this problem disturbing you too? What do you do to tackle it and keep your calm? Let us know in the comments below.

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