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No matter how many TEDx talks you hear, it gets difficult to actually implement motivation and optimism when you have to. 

All of us face dark times, and it is absolutely normal. Everyone has to face their share of good and bad times. Think of the waveforms in a ventilator machine, and how they are always moving up and down. That is life, a rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs. And as soon as the waveform turns into a single line, it indicates death. Therefore, life can not be smooth.

But the question at hand is whether we succumb to the problems or do we stay strong and fight them. Obviously, the second one is the right answer. Thus, the real question is HOW do we do that?

All of us have problems in our lives. Our elders feel that what do we have to stress about, how can we feel depressed, what mental health issues can we youngsters have? These are absolutely wrong ideologies. All of us face issues, and they are important and not frivolous. 

Coming to the main point. How do we deal with them? You have got to be optimistic. You’ve got to be hopeful. It is completely alright to take your time to accept it, to feel sad, to not feel like doing anything or getting out of bed, or to feel like running away somewhere, maybe to the mountains where nobody could find us and leave all the problems behind. But then, you have to overcome these intrusive thoughts and fight the situation.

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Talk it out. Don’t keep building it within yourself. Talk to your best friend, your mom, dad, or to anyone else, whom you can confide in. But remember, people can only motivate you or give some great advice, but it is you who’ll have to work on it and push yourself. Nobody can do that for you. 

Applied for various internships, jobs or courses, but not getting any positive tidings or even a reply/feedback, family issues, a massive fight with your most favourite person on earth, unsatisfactory grades, stress, depression, underconfidence, hair fall, acne, or anything else in the world, DO NOT GIVE UP. Cry it out, dance it out, go for a refreshing walk, or a vacation, watch some funny movie, or just sleep through it. But when you wake up, FACE IT

Keep reminding yourself that you are strong and you can do it. You will get through it. There has to be a silver lining. Let people say whatever they want, just be strong

That was how I train my brain to be hopeful in tough times. You can try it too!

P.S. Nobody wants to be mocked in their tough times. Right? Do the same with others too. Everyone you meet is facing a storm you know nothing about. Be Kind.

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