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Sometimes, some small moments are enough to change your life. It must have happened to you too! One day you met someone, probably a stranger or a person you barely know, and that person changed you. 

Some people possess an inherent magic to change the way you look at life. They have the character that helps to elevate your current self to a higher vibration and bring out the best in you. They teach you to be independent, show you the right direction, give you a shoulder to rest on and are all ears when you wish to vent out your feelings.

They make you so strong that you can deal with problems even when they are not there with you. They seek to gain nothing from this and what do you gain? Mental peace.

I have had the privilege of meeting such a person, and now having her in my life. It’s funny, weird and shocking, all at once, when I say that the person was none other than a relative. Relatives are people who are supposed to be nosy, jealous and most of the time, unwanted, right?

Ms Lubna Adnan is my grandfather’s cousin, who had settled in the USA ages ago, and visits India almost every five years, to meet her sisters and other close ones. I first met her when I was fifteen. She stayed at our place for 3 weeks, and those 21 days were the most memorable ones which I will cherish my entire life.

A relative from the US staying at your house for over a month is supposed to be annoying and we as GenZers often get annoyed by the oldies, be it our grandparents or anyone of that age. 

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But she became my favourite person. It’s the small things that matter the most. She is the person who inspires me the most. I have only met her twice till now, but I can share everything with her with utmost ease. I remember crying like a child when I went to drop her off at the airport.

The people you are surrounded by your entire lifetime are sometimes unable to provide you with that love and comfort, which sometimes some strangers do. 

I have never met a person who is so pure, kind, honest, practical, strong and beautiful inside out. Oh, how grateful she is for even the smallest things in life. The storms and difficulties she has faced have not been able to take away her goodness. 

How many times do we meet such people in life who don’t say, “Oh, what stress do you kids have” or “How can you be in depression, you’ve got all the things in your life’? How many such people do we meet in life who give equal importance to our problems and don’t compare it with others and patiently listen to us, and reward us with absolutely correct advice and warm hugs? 

The feeling that you have when you know that someone is just a call/text away when you need them, even though they are 1000 miles away from you is the best. And I know for sure that when she will be reading this, with two of her cats on her lap and the other two beside her, tears will come to her eyes (though that is the last thing I want). 

Have you ever met such people in your life? Or have you been such a person in someone’s life? Let us know your personal experiences in the comments below.

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