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June 12, 1938: Writer Jerry Siegal and illustrator Joe Shuster have gifted the world with the beloved cape-wearing superhero, today. 

As the world is fighting the Great Depression and people are losing hope, Superman is going to help us all, adults and children, deal with it. He is going to save us from evil and enlighten us with hope, and this is going to happen when we buy the comic book he lives in Action Comics No. 1. 

The writers, born to Jewish immigrants from Lithuania and the Netherlands, became best friends at High School and started working together in creating comic books. You would be surprised to know that they first made a comic book where Superman was the villain. 

Obviously, it did not last long. People are already surrounded by so many problems amidst this financial crisis and coming across a fictional villain would make them feel more depressed. Therefore, Superman was reintroduced as a superhero. 

The first issue of this character was released by ‘National Publications’ two months ago, in April where we could see Superman lifting a car above his head. Its creator, Jerry Siegal has said that Superman is here to help those in need. 

Today, the comic book has been released for DC (Detective Comics) and experts have a feeling that it is going to do wonders. This is so because, given the condition of the world economy, people have no place to stay, nothing to eat and are highly stressed. They need someone to save them and something to hold on to. This fictional superhero is going to do that.  

Let us see whether this Man of Steel can do wonders and win people’s hearts.

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Post Scriptum:

86 years have passed since Superman first entered the world of comic books, and today, we have Superman in a plethora of books, novels, video games, movies, and the hearts of people. 

Although you will not see your peers or the younger generation engrossed in this character today, if you ask your parents or those who grew up in the age of Superman, you will still see the same sparkle in their eyes and the same enthusiasm. 

The real reason why people were able to connect with this work of art, was because it portrayed the realities the world was inflicted with at that time. For example, Siegal and Shuster also wrote stories where Superman confronted Hitler and exposed the torture being done on Europe’s Jewish people. 

Another instance could be the incident in Action Comics #3 where Superman rescued a miner trapped in a cave-in and brought the unsafe mining conditions to the attention of the oblivious mine owners by making them undergo the hardships that the miners went through daily. 

In his products, Superman has tackled corruption, saved businessmen from drowning, helped women and children, and done everything else expected of a hero. 

Who knew that the copy of the original 1938 comic book would make $6 billion and become the most loved comic book across the world? 

Even if you haven’t read any of Superman’s books, you must have heard of his name, about his adventures, how he changed the world and seen him on posters. You cannot even write superman without your autocorrect trying to correct the phrase to ‘Superman’. This is how the legacy lasts forever.

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